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OEM Goodyear F1 Tire Foam Detachment

Hey all,

More a PSA than anything else, but a long story short, felt some wild bucking/shaking over 50mph in the front end in my Y a few days ago. Took it into SC and they discovered the foam in the front right tire was completely detached from the tire. Perhaps the adhesive failed.. Anyway, just something to think about if you have front end shaking at speed where there is no obvious puncture, tire pressure issue, wheel balance or weight issue.

EDIT: Only had 700 miles on these tires.

Same thing happened to me. I thought it was a loose lug nut. Scared the *sugar* out of me. Went to SC and it was this. They rip it off because they didnt have a spare but replaced it 2 days later. I couldnt tell a difference between having foam or not.