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Official "ludicrous speed upgrade for existing P85D" installation tracking thread


Aug 31, 2013
Davis, CA
Let's use this thread just for discussing and tracking waitlists, scheduling, installation, pricing, and logistics of the Ludicrous Speed Upgrade/Retrofit for Existing P85D cars. I think there are plenty of other threads discussing pros/cons, technical, value, misrepresentation, game changing, "where's autopilot?", etc., so let's just focus on the details for those who are going to get the upgrade.

I'll start. Added to Rocklin SC waitlist yesterday. They truly have no details other than what's on the blog post.
I have called Vancouver SC and they have very little information as well. One Concern I have, being far away from a service Center (Calgary). I am hoping my car doesn't need to be shipped or having to travel to Vancouver for the upgrade.
I already had a planned service appointment for 8/4. They have told me that they will do the upgrade when it is in the shop if they have the parts at that time. Fingers crossed. Thus far, they have nothing -- no parts, no information on the cost of the install. This is at the Northern Virginia Tyco Road location.
I've seen one guy report $1600, but nothing from Elon. I agree that Elon said "plus labor" on the call, but that isn't the same as Elon said it would be $1600.

He didn't say "plus labor" he said "plus labor at the local rate" so there will be no fixed price nationally.

But at least one person has been quoted $1600 by their local SC so that at least sets a ballpark that it won't be $500 or $5000.