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Official QLD Registrations for Tesla Model S

Keep in mind that it takes them time (not much really) to build and ship the cars. I'd expect they'd start to come in from Feb 22nd, and not much earlier. Again, suspect this to repeat itself each quarter, as they focus on global deliveries and then on local US deliveries from late feb. just speculating

2 weeks to build car
4 weeks to ship car.
2 weeks to unload, process, and prep car.
1 week to ship to auto nexus.

Based on that and assuming they even started first week of Jan, I'm surprised to see even 2 registered for 2016.

March 31 numbers would be much more interesting as an indicator for 2016.
That's not a good start to 2016 then....should be averaging around 5 per month therefore by now at at least 10+ not 2....


The ones currently being delivered are still a mix of 2015 and some 2016 builds. And, obviously all the Jan and Feb deliveries would have to have been 2015 builds.

All but 4 of the 2014 builds for example were actually delivered in 2015.