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Vendor Official Rays Volk TE37 Ultra M-Spec Gallery - 19x9.5 +28 5x114.3 for Tesla Model 3 + Model Y - System Motorsports Special Sizing

Hi Tesla Motors Club community,

Allow us to introduce ourselves one again - Many of you on TMC may recognize us from the involvement and role in the aftermarket automotive wheel sector for many other enthusiast platforms that you may have owned previously or currently own, such as the WRX/STI, EVO 8/9/X, R32/R33/R35 GTR, NSX, Civic Type R, FRS/BRZ/GR86, BMW M2/M3/M4, A90/A91 Supra MK5, 350Z/370Z, 996/997/991 GT3, 981/718 Cayman/GT4, Tacoma/4Runner/GX/Land Cruiser/Tundra/Raptor, and more. You may have seen us on your favorite search engine on your quest for the perfect JDM wheel (if you're into that). It's about time we came to TMC to officially serve the Tesla community. We are authorized in-house stockists of the very products we work with, and work directly with the manufacturer and US distributor to provide availability and stellar service to both our retailer and wholesale clients. We offer fulfillment and will-call services and are headquarted in the San Francisco Bay Area, and serve all 50 states + international territories as well. Most importantly, we are Tesla enthusiasts ourselves and perform much of the R&D and product testing on our own vehicles in-house, while working directly with the manufacturer. Not only do we provide access to special-batch and limited-run sizes and colors (we are the ones that help make these batches possible via high-volume batch-orders and groupbuys), we are the source for hard-to-procure wheel sets in general and can tailor bespoke sets suited for your application based on our years of in-house experience across various platforms.


This thread has been created to share and discuss the technical detail of our latest offerings for the Tesla Model 3 + Model Y sector, specifically; the TE37 Ultra M-Spec in native Tesla fitment - 19x9.5 +28 5x114.3 in the highly coveted Face-4 concave, with factory M14 lug pockets, and dual hub for Model 3 Performance owners.

These are now available directly through us, or through our authorized partners and stockists/dealers.

This TE37 Ultra M-Spec has been engineered, catered, and procured specifically for the Model 3 / Model 3 Performance / Model Y! Face-4 concavity is a must, and this is a factory first for this platform. Previously, factory bolt-on fitments included the TE37 Ultra M-Spec in 19x9.5 +34, however; these only carry a Face-3 profile which is relatively flat compared to the +28 offset counterpart.

A little bit about the TE37 Ultra M-Spec:

The TE37ULTRA has inherited the TE37 6-spoke design with excellent stress dispersion and has enhanced the lineup of high performance cars. With lightweight in mind, this high performance high rigidity ULTRA is the strongest in the history of VOLK. The primary difference between the Ultra and Ultra M-Spec is the lack of the machining ring around the rim. The TE37 Ultra M-Spec has completely superseded the TE37 Ultra standard model, and the standard TE37 Ultra can no longer be ordered.

Technical details about the 19x9.5 +28 5x114.3 sizing:
Some photos on our in-house Tesla Model 3. This is the first set stateside, showcased here in Diamond Black (DB) OP2 finish. This car is currently lowered on KW V3 coilovers and is equipped with 265/35/19 Yokohama tires. Factory TPMS sensors are equipped. These wheels are compatible with Rays Engineering centercaps, and come in high-type or low type (flush).


Blast Bronze TE37 Ultra M-Spec, 19x9.5 +28 5x114.3, Face-4 Concave, System Motorsports Special Sizing



Magnesium Blue TE37 Ultra M-Spec, 19x9.5 +28 5x114.3, Face-4 Concave, System Motorsports Special Sizing




Matte Black/Flat Black TE37 Ultra M-Spec, 19x9.5 +28 5x114.3, Face-4 Concave, System Motorsports Special Sizing



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Another one of our customer's rocking our #systemspec Volk TE37 Ultra M-Spec in 19x9.5 +28 5x114.3, Face-4 Concave, sourced by us!

Factory M14 lug pockets + dual-stepped Model 3 performance hub make it a true bolt-on affair. This customer has a Model 3 performance and has taken advantage of the hubcentric dual-hub design so no hubcentric rings are required. This allows the customer to run centercaps without any inner ring fouling interference!

Also, that Black on Bronze color combo = Timeless!

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You can visually discern and notice the face-profile differences between the two wheels. The TE37 Ultra features an engraved logo detail, completely eliminating the need for a spoke sticker (historically found on the TE37SL models which are now discontinued, and were never made for Tesla's unless the lug pockets are dangerously milled and bored out to accommodate the factory M14 studs.

Shown below is our visual comparison between the two concavities (+34 offset Face-3 on the right, +28 offset Face-4 on the left)

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One of our personal favorite finishes and a customer favorite:

OG Bronze Almite TE37 Ultra M-Spec 19x9.5 +28 5x114.3, Face-4 concave. System Motorsports Sizing.

This is the same OG Finish found on the coveted TE37 OGs offered from 2000~2018. Rarely offered on any modern Volk wheel aside from these and a few of the large PCD offerings! Just look at the detail in the finish alone.


Ask and you shall receive! TMC and forum members get a first look at our latest #systemspec exclusive offering. For those that have begged us for a 20" bolt-on application in our fitted sizing, your wishes have been granted!

A few quick details at a glance:

- 20x9.5 +22 / 20x10.5 +30. Shown with 265/30, 285/30 (You read that right!) Taking advantage of the GRIP that these cars require.
- Dual 70.1/64.b hub, hubcentric for Tesla Model 3 Performance. Also hubcentric for Model 3 (LR/SR/All trims), Model Y, and Model Y Performance
- Tested and verified adequate brake clearance, all done in-house by yours truly!
- Exclusive sizing and limited production. Available only through System Motorsports and our authorized partners.

Enjoy the photos! More technical details and ordering info on our blog here!

Launch edition set, shown here in Matte Black.



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any pics of a 20" face 4 square setup for model y?

Staggered only for Face-3/Face-4 typically for Model Y in 20", squared would be on a special-order basis. None of our customers have published photos yet or shared with us but we've done it before. 19" is more common for Face-4 as the spoke design in 19's make it easier to achieve a Face-4 concave; 20's it's a bit more difficult from an engineering standpoint atleast on a 9.5. We do have something in the works though.
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