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Hey guys...picking up a car this weekend and was curious about the referral program. Is it true that we cannot benefit from it being in Ohio?

You can certainly USE the referral program to take advantage of the Free Unlimited Supercharging and the $1000 savings when you are buying a car, but as an owner you cannot give out a referral code to someone and get the rewards in Ohio.

I'm in Michigan though...and I can get the prizes...so if you need a referral code, let me know.
@kmistry1986, that is correct. Check out Section 4517.20(1) and (2): Lawriter - ORC - 4517.20 Motor vehicle dealer - prohibited acts.

Same rules apply in VA: http://www.mvdb.virginia.gov/forms/files/dlr-tlk-feb-2012.pdf

Seems a little ridiculous, IMO.

Also, the Ohio law reads as if you could benefit from the rewards if you had an Ohio auto dealer's license. I haven't look too deeply, but I was seeing maybe the owner's group could somehow get a dealers license as a group. But I'm sure that is a legal nightmare.
Hope to see some of you at CC&C tomorrow morning - I have a soccer game bright and early, but hope to be there mid-morning(ish).
Also, NDEW event at CSCC Sunday!
I happened to be in Denver this week and had high expectations for their event downtown, but it was lame. Here's hoping ours is better!
Hey all, might be needing a little short notice help on an event that the Sales Gallery here had committed to but ultimately backed out today. The Down Syndrome Association of Central Ohio is having their annual "Buddy Walk" on October 1st. The event is a way to honor those that have been born with Down Syndrome, their families that love/care for them, and for those that have passed away due to the complications that come with having the condition. One of the side-attractions that was going to be happening alongside the event was a 'touch-a-truck' event where those in attendance could get up close and personal with cool machinery like farm trucks, emergency response vehicles, and.... Teslas! I mean, why would you have the coolest car/SUV on the road be left out of such an event?

The Sales Gallery had originally committed cars both for show and for ride-and-drives, but has backed out at the 11th hour. Despite the event falling on the 1st of October, they cited the end-of-quarter sales push in their reason for cancelling. What I'm hoping is that other owners from around the area would be able to join me in filling the void and averting disappointment for those that were expecting to see awesome cars in person. The event runs from 8am to 3pm with the actual walk around Crew Stadium starting at 11am. I plan on being there at least from 9am to 1pm, answering questions and showing off the S.

This is in no way a solicitation for donations to the organization or necessarily support of their cause, but if you need more reason to show up, I'll be treating all Tesla owners to lunch, as well as a delivery of your super cool Tesla gift in person; Tesla UMC wall mount by znib

More details on the event can be found at their event page: www.columbusbuddywalk.org

Thanks in advance for anyone that can show up during that window and represent a key component in sustainable transport.
I visited the Clean Fuels Ohio event yesterday at the Dublin Recreation Center. It was a no-brainer as it's only 5 minutes away from my house. Glad to see a good representation of (Multi-Coat Red) Teslas there (as well as other electrified vehicles), and get people thinking about ditching (or reducing) their dependence on gasoline.

I should've got a picture of all 3 red Model S's but I was held up somehow...next time!


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