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One Year and 15,209 miles, Happy Birthday!


Jul 18, 2019
Today my car is one year old, well ownership-wise anyway.

It would have had a lot more miles, had this pandemic not come along.

I have a 2019 Performance X, with FSD. it was delivered with 5 miles on the odometer. At 90% charge, my mileage indicated a range of 270 miles the day I picked it up. Though I keep my display in percent most of the time, I like to check mileage every now and then. The new 28.5 update came last week, before it did, I showed 268 miles at 90%, so I lost 2 miles my first year. I now show 276 miles with the new software, an increase of 8 miles.

Pretty happy with the battery. I drive in Ludicrous mode all the time, have reasonably heavy foot while driving, love pulling briskly away at stoplights, though in town I don’t floor it when I do. I do floor it when I pull out on the main road into town from my neighborhood. I have done a dozen or so launches in appropriate areas. What a hoot.

I keep it plugged in when I am home, set to 90%. I live about 20 minutes out of town. A normal day of driving for chores (I am retried) takes me down to about 70-80%. We have made a half dozen or so 200 mile trips, supercharged maybe 8-10 times, I have had it as low as 14%, though it’s rare for me to go below 50%.

At some point I will be driving it to both NY and Oregon to visit my children and grandchildren, that had to be put off for a bit, so we will see how lots more supercharging affects the battery next year.

I love this car, no issues since the day I picked it up, filling the washer fluid twice is the total maintenance done so far.

It now does many things it did not do the day I picked it up, through the magic of software updates. It is far more relaxing to drive than any other vehicle I have ever owned, around town or on trips. My wife remarked that my minor road rage episodes have disappeared. A three hour drive feels like about an hour.

It is smooth, quiet, powerful, roomy, it’s design proudly acknowledges it’s difference between ICE vehicles and the future of personal transportation. Between the giant windshield and the falcon doors, along with a map screen reminiscent of the displays in aircraft I used to fly - It feels like a spaceship, I named it Rocinante after The Expanse sci-if show.

I plan on installing full solar and power walls, hopefully later this year, and will be solar powered 100%. It’s the future come alive that I read about as a kid devouring science fiction. So cool.

I am a retired pilot, and used to fly competition aerobatics as well as airshows back in the 90’s, and this car gives me that same Vitamin “G” every time I drive. In 47 years of car ownership, from a rusted out VW Bug that had to be started by rolling it and popping the clutch (my first car) to a Lexus 350GL, I have never been so happy with a car.

Well, the VW was my first taste of independence, so it was special too.

Can’t wait for the Cybertruck, so I can trade in my Ram truck!

Good Health and Happy Driving fellow Teslanauts! ;-)


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May 22, 2014
I love this car

Its been nearly 3.5 years and 46k since we picked up our X:eek:.

Its 'only' a base spec 60/75D, with AP2 and MCU1, and I've lost count the number of times I've been to the service centre, including needing to be towed away on a Sunday night after the suspension failed.

BUT, the X is the only car I have owned which am still makes me smile as much now getting into it as it did on pick up day.

On a drive yesterday we must have passed half a dozen Model 3s, and both me and my wife are in agreement we are glad to have a X over a 3/Y.

Maybe its the panoramic windscreen, the powered doors, the FWDs, or just the crazy amount of space in the 6 seater in the back. But our X is now part of the family, on really hot days me and my daughter actually enjoy chiling out in the car (no aircon in the house), on wet days (get alot of that in the UK) we end up having a picnic in the car, and how many other people are lucky enough to do their commute in a car good enough to ferry astronauts??!!


Yes Rapidgate is real, Yes Elon makes up imagernery timelines, Yes some people just hate Tesla as a brand. But for me the uniquness of the X really makes up for all of that and than some.

In a time when more and more cars are treated like disposable goods, often seen as nothing more than $$$/month payments to be swaped after a few years with little/no emotional bound between man and machine, our X has become another memeber of our family. It's the only car my daughter has known her whole life, and I hope it'll still be with us when she becomes old enough to get her licence. :).



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