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Open Air Shipping?

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Anyone know who's gray Roadster is being shipped "open air?" It was on a truck in Aurora, CO last night. Google Maps
The truck was parked in the parking lot with nobody around. I didn't think they'd appreciate me climbing up on it to get the VIN. ;-)

It looked like it might have damage to the right front over the wheel. Or it was just dirty. I was in a big hurry, so I didn't stop long. I was just so excited to see another one out in the wild.

Apparently I didn't wait for the camera to focus. Sorry for the awful quality.
I sense sarcasm... ;-)

Though I am often sarcastic to folks IRL, I edit that out when I post on forums and social media, no "good way" to truly express "light ribbing" when I am being sarcastic. Body language and tone do a lot in interpersonal communication that is lost in text.

I actually like the picture. Two Roadsters in one shot is always better than one... The more the merrier (thus my enjoyment of the Skittles thread.) [emoji3]
I actually took it as "light ribbing" and was dishing it right back. I'm glad you like it. I *was* trying to be artistic and get both in the shot. I thoroughly enjoyed the Skittles thread. I wish my photographic skills were up to that level!