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Opt-in for image collection on Model S

I’ve seen the recent posts about the Model 3 opt in notification for collecting imagery from the cameras.

Hadn’t seen any for the S (unless I missed a post - I’m only new at this).

Playing in the UI of my S75D (2018.14.2 a88808e) today and found under data sharing the notification in the image attached.

It says the same as the recent Model 3 notification which is:

“We are working hard to improve autonomous safety features and make self-driving a reality for you as soon as possible.

In order to do so, we need to collect short video clips using the car’s external cameras to learn how to recognize things like lane lines, street signs, and traffic light positions. The more fleet learning of road conditions we are able to do, the better your Tesla’s self-driving ability will become.

We want to be super clear that these short video clips are not linked to your vehicle identification number. In order to protect your privacy, we have ensured that there is no way to search our system for clips that are associated with a specific car.

Do you agree to allow us to collect these clips? You can change your mind later at any time.


In order for these features to work, Tesla measures the road segment data of all participating vehicles but in a way that does not identify you or your car, and may share that with partners that contribute similar data to help us provide the service. At no point is any personally identifiable information collected or shared during this process.

Do you agree to allow us to collect this data? You can change your mind later at any time.


My first choice was set as no, second as yes. I’ve enabled both now.

Hope this helps in case (a) it’s new info and/or (b) like me one or both were set to no and you weren’t aware.



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