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Order of Importance

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Hi All.

Long Time lurker. First time poster. I am getting a Model 3 (late 2018). In prep for the Model 3, I was thinking about doing a HPWC. When Installing the HPWC, I was also thinking of installing Solar and possibly a PowerWall. Also, I have a flat roof (no attic) which may need new Spray Foam Roofing. The circuit breakers are about 60 feet away from the garage. I am trying to figure out the correct order to get this work done.
  • Install Solar Mounts ----> Apply Spray Foam Roofing ----> Install Solar Panels / PowerWall ---> install HPWC
  • or
  • Apply Spray Foam Roof ---> Install Solar Mounts/Panels Optional Powerwall ---> install HPWC
Any problems with running a line over the roof for the HPWC (possibly wrong forum for that question)? Also, I am not quite sold on the powerwall just yet.

I'd appreciate the community's thoughts.
Install solar mounts then spray foam. Get discount from solar installer because he will have no liability for roof leaks.
Have an integrated plan for wiring. That way they can increase the conduit size so all wiring can be accommodated. Probably should consider sub panel in garage.