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Ordered my first Tesla

So I ordered a Model 3 Performance Black/Black from the inventory available the other day. Unfortunately the earliest I can go pick it up is next Wednesday for some reason, not sure how all that works since it says the car is already there. Also I've yet to be contacted by anyone or given any delivery specialist or whatever, is that normal? I haven't actually talked to a real person yet.

I'm pretty excited, I was actually going to get the M3P or a Hellcat but ended up here. Already have a lot of mods planned and/or ordered. I'm not too concerned with the panel gap stuff when I go pick it up since I can adjust it later, the only way I see myself not taking delivery is if it doesn't have the new headlights and stuff even though it's a 2021. I'm still not sure how that worked in the US. I definitely want the full new refresh with it.
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Maybe you can call the Service Center and choose (I think option 2) delivery and they should help you. Also if you have hang ups on the lights, I’m sure they can let you know before wasting a trip.

Yeah, I'll try and call them tomorrow I guess. It's 3 hours from me in NC so I'd hate to make the trip and realize it's not right. I kind of assumed all the 2021 model 3's were of the same spec on the upgrades when I bought it.
I missed out on the stealth models. I do have an AWD with boost (which I love), but that doesn’t stop me from hating every stealth owner like yourself. :)
Sadly, not the first time I’ve heard that.
My stealth was an accident. Was supposed to get an AWD and it was delayed in that mess up with the train depot in Baltimore back in September 2018. So I asked if they had any other cars available and they said for 11k more you can get a P with 18”. I said screw it. Ok.

$5k back and I’m a happy dude.
Just adding more fuel to your fire.

Am I a prick? Yes.
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