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original black trim above rear door scratched slightly

Hey all !

please look at the provided picture. this is from a new model 3 where the trim is all black. There's a slight scratch and I was wondering if you can polish this with let's say commandant nr 5 (since it's not glossy but looks more satin or something). It's a light scratch, but you do feel it very lightly with your nail.

what do you think ?


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I had several scratches in the black trim around the windows on my 2021 Model 3. I didn't notice them until a month or more after delivery and could not prove they were there at delivery so didn't bother contacting Tesla.

I was able to fix them completely with this product: https://www.amazon.com/Birchwood-15121-Casey-Aluminum-Touch-Up/dp/B072LT4HCZ

I cleaned the scratched areas with soap and water, then wiped them down with isopropyl alcohol, then wiped again with plain water. I then wiped them dry. I used the Aluminum Black pen to touch-up the scratches, waited a minute or two, then wiped the chemical off with a wet rag, and then buffed the areas with a dry part of the same rag. Most of the scratches disappeared completely; a few required a second round of treatment. All are now gone/invisible.

I did not think to take before and after photos, but if you have these scratches, spend $5 on this Aluminum Black pen and give it a try.