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Overnight charging - 0.2 Kwh every hour? - vampire?

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Newbie with Overnight charging question.
I set 00:30 as time (e7) and 80%, which it does, then every hour or so afterwards, teslafi says it is adding 0.2 Kwh or so.
I presume it is topping up to correct for losses from sentry mode etc?

Is there a way to stop this? Does it go on all day, as long as I leave plugged in? For example, if I go away on holiday, would it then also pull electricity at my daytime rate?

I'm keen to stop it doing enything as I also have a leaf which I'm planning to plug in via 13A ESVE for pre-heat purposes, but my garage won't take the load of both at the same time, so I need to make sure tesla won't charge at certain times?