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Overnight heater use.

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So, our son was planning on taking a trip in the car and then didn't. So it was charged 100%. Didn't want to leave it that way so I unplugged it and turned on the heater. 12 hours later we had used 43 miles of range. It was below freezing in the morning probably about 40 when I parked it. In the garage of course, but still the driver side window was open, so I was heating the garage.

Just thought this might be an interesting data point for some.
Yes, when we had an error that was originally thought to be the high voltage battery, turned out to be a Drive Unit, we didn't charge up on a trip for that very reason. My interest here was that it was very cold out during the trip, close to zero fahrenheit once. I was wondering if we get caught out there would the battery be sufficient to keep us warm.

Of course, then again if it had been the battery, we might have been Ice Cube's! The point is though, if the high voltage battery is okay, you could certainly last a few days if you happen to get caught in the cold with no way out. Hopefully enough for search and rescue to find you.

There's also the camping question. Keep your inside temperature a little lower, in milder external temperatures, no problem. Any 240 volt connection would certainly still charge the battery overnight. Even using the heater. At 120, okay you might not get any miles, but you would at least keep warm without using up miles!