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Owner paying higher tax for Roadster than for Ferrari in CH

That's wrong! Switzerland has been a pioneer in EVs. Lots of great people thinking ahead of their time and building great EVs in the 90s. The Smart car, which was supposed to be electric from the start, was a Swiss idea and concept. They partnered with Mercedes and later pulled out completely. Took many years until Mercedes finally made an electric version.
David99: Thank you for defending my country, which I also dearly love, by the way.
It is nevertheless a federal state, where each canton establishes its own rules. For the time being, Tesla lovers leaving in canton Aargau are simply less lucky than those who happen to live in other cantons. The canton where I live, Fribourg, supports e-cars by canceling the state tax for the first 3 years, for example.
Same ridiculous situation in Schwyz! Vehicle taxation is based almost exclusively on power, and the S is rated at 350kw, i.e. 470 bhp. Ironic anecdote, mine has interchangeable license plates which are shared with my Corvette C6, so I only need to pay the tax once for those two cars. And since the Vette has "only" 400 bhp, I therefore pay almost no taxes on it, thanks my e-car! Baffling.