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Owners delivery stories, photos and first impressions

Discussion in 'Model S' started by NigelM, Sep 18, 2012.

  1. easygysi

    easygysi New Member

    Dec 22, 2016
    Hello from Switzerland!

    I just bought a S85 Dez.2015 with 39'000km from a private owner buying out of a lease early. (He is getting a Model X) It is Obsidian Black with piano black finish without the center console and gray next gen seats. It is on coil springs has no winter package and no jump seats in the trunk, otherwise it has. I can pick it up on January 8. Because it is still in his lease, until all the paperwork is sorted, he is dropping it off at our local Tesla service center where I will pick it up.

    I've been on the waiting list for a Model 3 but when I saw this offer on I contacted the seller right away (asking CHF62k). I still need to install charging at my house where I will likely have to park outside. My garage is very small and I want to test if it will be possible to use summon to park in the garage, before I put in the definite charging solution.
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  2. Tysto

    Tysto Member

    Dec 27, 2017
    South Bend, Indiana
    Congratulations! I just bought an S 75D and have used Summon to park it in the garage. It was pretty tentative but worked fine.
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  3. SurferChick

    SurferChick Member

    Jan 4, 2018
    Looks gorgeous! Thanks for posting the photo. Good to know that you can order and receive a Tesla so quickly...
  4. IAmKai

    IAmKai Member

    Jun 21, 2017
    Los Angeles, CA
    Took delivery of a 2014 MS60 just about a month ago and wanted to give some first impressions and thoughts since this thread has been so insightful for me prior to getting a Tesla.

    CPO Process:
    Wasn't originally much interested in a CPO since I thought that I'd surely be looking at $55k+ for an AP-enabled car, but happened to speak with an advisor that explained they see deals there never make it to the website. He found me a 2014 MS60 with leather, tech pkg/AP1, heated seats, and Dark Metallic Blue paint for $46k. At the time, I had never imagined a CPO AP1 car would ever be sold so low. Now I hear about them decently often and I'm sure it'll just get more and more common as those 2014 leases get returned. I really wanted an 85 initially, but was in need of a car sooner than later and didn't want to take my chances that I wouldn't find as good a deal on an 85 relative to this one.

    Pulled the trigger on October 16 and took delivery December 4, 7 weeks to the day of my deposit. Only part of the process that I could somewhat criticize, and even then it could be considered nitpicky, was that my advisor estimated 4 weeks to delivery before I had actually put a deposit on the car. I had searched the forums to see others' timelines and found the standard was 4-6 weeks, so I crossed my fingers and hoped it wasn't just an over-promise to get me to put in my deposit. On the upside, he was very good at responding to e-mails. The longest he ever took for a reply was still under 24 hours.

    I split the past 3 years between a 2014 BMW i3 and 2015 528i, so many of my comparisons/impressions will come from that.

    Some impressions after one month:

    - Seats are not super comfortable. Wouldn't call them uncomfortable, but I prefer the more form-hugging 528i seats. My Tesla seats are flatter and not as contouring. They also seem a little hard, but perhaps that's more of it being 3 years old?

    - Handles worse than the 528i. Like, a lot worse. Hard to say that it has poor handling because it's obviously way ahead of the i3, as well as many, many other cars, but surprised that it's not a little closer to the 528i stock suspension. And I don't mean in terms of ride comfort. I'm talking turning radius (MUCH wider than the 528i despite being only 3" longer) and just plain steering wheel responsiveness. Putting the MS in sport steering mode (AKA harder to turn mode) doesn't help its cause. I don't find that Tesla sport steering mode actually tightens up responsiveness. Just seems to make corrections more difficult. Sorry for the rant.

    - Acceleration feels oddly similar to the i3, even though the MS should be considerably faster. Have been in a couple 100Ds and the difference between a 60 and a 100D is extremely noticeable, as you'd imagine it should be. Just surprised I haven't noticed more of a difference from i3 to MS.

    - Hard to find the "perfect" place to put my phone where I can see it clearly and reach it easily. To the left of the wheel is not as convenient as I'm right-handed. In relation to the LCD screen, mounting it to the left blocks it behind the steering wheel and mounting it to the right is a bit far away. Tried clamp mounts, which I attached to various parts of the center console area to allow me to position the phone almost perfectly between the screen and cupholders, but the neck of the mounts wobbles way too much while driving. Tried multiple cupholder mounts, but they all place the phone too far back.

    - Somewhat regretting not having an 85, not so much for the total capacity, but for the Supercharging speed increase. Broke in my 60 with an LA-Bay Area road trip and, while it was decently exciting to get introduced to the world of Supercharging on the way up, I was over it by the ride home and just wanted to hurry and charge and get back.

    - Autopilot is great. Autosteer isn't perfect, but if you understand the system's limitations, it's generally easy to work with and anticipate trouble areas. I do worry about the wobbling it does while finding lines sometimes and making it look like I'm a drunk driver or making other people think I might swerve into them. To its credit, it does have to deal with the unfortunate southern California carpool line system that ranges from 2 to 5 lines most of the time. Personally, the best situations for autosteer for me have been at night and when there are reflectors on the road. I'm assuming reflectors are likely much easier for the system to work with as opposed to the normal lines on the road.

    - TACC is pretty rock-solid. The i3's TACC is garbage compared to Tesla. I haven't used TACC in any cars besides these two, but Tesla TACC is smooth, anticipatory, and just amazing. I'm sure we still have a while to go until TACC in any car is indistinguishable from a good human driver, but this seems decently close most of the time.

    - Obviously, Tesla tech in general is lightyears ahead of anyone else. Funny that BMW is one of the more techy makers and getting back into the 528i is like going from an iPhone X to a 2002 flip phone. It's so awesome that my 2014 Tesla gets the same software updates that 2017 cars get. Looking forward to the navigation update that Elon teased recently.

    Overall, I love it and any issues it has I'm happy to have to deal with versus driving any other car. We have an Model 3 on the way and I'm looking forward to getting to experience all the hype for myself. Thanks to the all the people that have written up their impressions on the car. They gave me a really good idea of what I was getting myself into. :)
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  5. martgonman

    martgonman New Member

    Dec 4, 2017
    San Antonio, TX
    Got my delivery on December 23rd (Pearl White 75D, pano sunroof, white interiors). Had ordered 21 inch initially but changed last minute back to 19 inch wheels after reading about the decreased range/increased noise/increased rim damage on the large ones. I decided to use the money instead on aftermarket wheels. When it arrived, had the 21" wheels instead, so I drove away on the 21" while awaiting for the 19s to be delivered to the Service Center
    I decided to go for 20" matte-black Tsportline TST wheels ( Pirelli P Zero 10" in back, 9" in front) which arrived last week and got installed at DiscountTire (great service, the guy actually did not want to get into my car, afraid of staining the ultrawhite interior so he asked me to drive it into the bay - which I wanted to do anyway). Got the carbon fiber trunk wing also from Tsportline (installed myself without difficulties), and finished with ceramic-based tint for the windows (30 on sides, 20 on back) to fight the Texas sun.

    Overall very pleased with the car; only minor issues which were taken care of today during a quick trip to the service center (they picked up the car from my workplace and got it back before I could even try the 100D they loaned). The issues were:
    - minor misalignment in one of the door trims
    - Stripped stud/lug in one of the wheels, noted when the aftermarket wheels where placed in
    - the inconvenience of the mishap with the 21 inch wheels.

    I am loving the car. Autopilot doing the job during my long commute except for the fact that it likes to get too close to the outer line during curves and sometimes wants to follow old lines cris-crossing the highway. Of course torque/acceleration is great. I had an Audi S5 and though I was going to miss the German Interiors, but actually I am quite pleased with the clean and rather spartan interior; the white interior looks and feels luxurious. The only problem is that now my wife wants one! I suppose I will have to give Bianca away (that is the name of my S) and get the T3 for which I still have a reservation...

    IMG_9835.jpg IMG_9834.jpg IMG_9833.jpg IMG_9836.jpg
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  6. Tevvy

    Tevvy Member

    Jul 6, 2017
    Saw a Tesla taxi when walking past the train station with one of my work colleagues today.

    She said ‘that must be cheaper for passengers’. When I asked why. She said ‘well he doesn’t have to pay for petrol’.

    Half an hour arguing. Lol. She didn’t get why it would be the same passenger rate.
  7. DJ_S75D

    DJ_S75D Member

    Sep 14, 2017
    Baltimore, MD
    I took this on Saturday at Tilghman Island, MD. The sunset on the Chesapeake made the Model S look great!


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  8. Lon12

    Lon12 Member

    Oct 12, 2015
    Calgary, AB, Canada
    One nice thing about winter is that you can catch a sunrise without having to wake up early. :)
    IMG_8013 copy.jpg
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  9. vraev

    vraev Member

    Jan 31, 2018
    I got my beautiful car on December 13th. Here are some pics I took recently. Winter is the worst time to get good car pics. Right from day 1 my Tesla has been caked with salt and snow.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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