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P100D Salvage in England


Feb 10, 2018
Photos - OK here's the latest Model X 'project' as it arrived, it seems Tesla's always have near side front suspension damage !
With so many parts still on order and work to do on the P100D I swapped over the missing wiper assy and arms, I will be tacking the front wings, drivers door, headlights, light supports and full bonnet rest assy from the P100D for now.
These have all been photographed and their Ser.No. Taken to allow correct reordering for the P100D - whether new or used.
If anyone has a Model X wiper motor assembly and arms ???? Most of what's missing on the above picture I will need to buy for P100D, I have a bonnet and bumper.
The P100D may well end up a 'Rat' car as I don't like a lot of the features - from the Falcon doors to it's swivel chair interior - who knows - next company van?
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Jul 31, 2018
Hello Jagman. I've been reading your posts with great interest. Although my repair skill is more limited than yours.. I'm currently working on a 2017 skoda superb, damAged by small under bonnet fire, but unfortunately wiring looms vary so much, and with a new loom at 4.5k out my range so am working with a used lhd loom from Allegro. Everyone telling me I'm crazy.. Bit like tesla UK, skoda does get very interested in helping out if you don't follow their plan.
Still I still have my 47 MGTC which am sure you will have supplied me with parts for it over the last 33 years.
Good luck with it all.


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Aug 6, 2014
Rockaway Beach, New York
EDIT - I didn't realize this was a 2 year old post. Holy Resurrection Batman! Like I said, I would NEVER have gotten into bed with this wench. I wish the OP the best of luck.

This vehicle has been hit hard with the frame being shifted. Hard enough to fix in a steel vehicle. Really hard to fix in Aluminum. It needs a frame straightening computerized device for at least 5-10 days. This requires significant frame straightening which will most likely crack other Aluminum structures. Then there will be welding, sectioning in new components, and re-straightening. Then all panels and doors and such will require re-fitment.

Why? Because forces are conducted though the whole vehicle, after the crumple zone gives way.

In my humble opinion, it is "buggered".

My feeling is that you should sell it off bit by bit to recoup you financial investment.

Saying these things does not make me happy. It is however truthful. Unless you own a mechanics shoppe and have skills, this is a challenge that should have been left alone.



P.S. Don't charge if anything gets too hot, and place the vehicle outdoors and away from anything that might burn down if you are having troubles charging. There was a major collision and this battery could very well have ruptured internals.


Feb 10, 2018
Hi - sorry I didn't update on this or the other vehicles, I didn't realise it had been two and a half years since I bought this project !
The good news is I have been driving it around for almost two and a half years, most of the damage was bolt on suspension or panel work with only the bonnet hinge mounting needing replacing and welding.
It took about three weeks to repair and paint and fortunately no MCU or electronic issues arose on this vehicle.
The P100 is a different story though - it was the first Tesla I bought and the last to be tackled so it languished in my works for nearly two years. We kept moving it from place to place and charging it and finally started and completed its repair this march.
All was looking good until we left the 12v battery connected and the car ' live' whilst it's passenger front door was removed and taken to the paint booth for a respray. The car was still on 2017 software as it's battery disconnected most of it's down time.
It seems the car received an over the air software update which aborted half way through due to errors - namely faults in the passenger front door !
After a few attempts to update the software it literally locked the car down - tow mode cannot be engaged and two messages saying software updates needed - contact Tesla service appeared.
These last few months have been spent trying to get the update sent as , although the other cars have had 4 or 5 in the past 6 months, this car received none.
The wifi is good, signal good, ebay works ok and the offending door replaced a while ago. Apparently the car can't be 'seen' on the network, which is worrying.
It was bought as an unsupported car and no updates were solicited by ourselves - indeed the damned thing found a free BT Wi-Fi signal from our neighbouring factory as we'd never even put broadband passwords into it ! We would have been happy with the original screen and layout - at least the thing was mobile.
We are now hoping to get a ranger out to do a laptop download, though being unsupported I'm barred from the App so can't arrange this .
I have been told that cars off grid for too long can be flagged up by Tesla HQ and suspect this may be why the communication is down.
There are plenty of posts on this and other EV forums/sites relating to the odd take Tesla has on 'ownership' and how these cars can be treated like iphones with options and functions or functionality ( eg battery performance) changed to cover Tesla against their over optimistic warranties.
I'm hoping to resolve - or get a straight answer for this one in the next week - keep you posted.

Worse problem is with a 2017 , still under warranty Model X75 , a car I've also driven for two years without problem - except for MCU 'touchscreen unresponsive' - Yes MCUv1 memory failure.
This has progressively worsened and been a nuisance for the past 6 moths and in the past 2 months has worsened to being frozen most of the time.
It was booked for a new MCU , failed front drop link and couple of other things and taken to service centre. Within a few hours they called to say there was a bare HV wire in the front wheel arch, their technician panicked and work had been suspended , there was also some damage to a HV battery skid plate - the car has now been classified 'unsupported' !
This was annoying - I know the full implications of 'unsupported' e.g written the car off (in value) and barred from using supercharger network, also I knew there was no such damage to this or any HV cable on the vehicle as I have the facilities and check thoroughly before I recommission or charge these EV's.
With the vehicle back at work we stripped the arch liner, pulled the first responder loop (just for sure) and properly inspected the cables.
Conclusion - no damage whatsoever to the cable,it's insulation or any part of it. Observation - the orange outer most wrap of cotton tape does along it' s full length have occasional loose threads and these to a novice (who may need to go to Spec.Savers) are dirty copper colour!
Photo's were sent and it was booked in for it's screen to be replaced at another service centre - took it and then , as if they'd not looked at it's file before I dropped it off I was told the car was unsafe to work on .
They agreed to check the offending wires and found these to be ok but reported that due to two dents of 3mm on the HV battery skid plate and a scratch effecting the corrosion resisting coating on the battery casing the car was still unsafe to work on !
Yes I know the 12V and HV battery are isolated for the MCU to be changed anyway, plus I've driven the thing for two years - but that's how they want to avoid any warranty claims whatsoever it seems.
At this point I'm remembering all the conspiracy chat on here about push back on warranty work , faults always being blamed on the customer etc. but mainly the stories about getting older vehicles off the supercharger network - it's the rapid charging that hammers the battery life and therefore warranties.
As of today I have asked for a quote for an exchange battery unit which I will put to my insurer , when I send the insurer photo's of the 'Damage' they are referring to I am prepared to be laughed at out loud - but I'm getting used to it when I tell Jaguar and Mercedes owners of my dealings with Tesla.
Even if the battery is changed I'm wondering what the next 'catastrophic' fault will be to keep this car from qualifying for warranty work - wrong colour screenwash or perhaps non original tyre valve caps - who knows ?
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May 22, 2014
At this point I'm remembering all the conspiracy chat on here about push back on warranty work , faults always being blamed on the customer etc

I think you are been unfair on Tesla, I've never had any issues with warranty repairs on our X, infact Tesla even replaced the windscreen wipers for free without me asking. When I had my MCU2/AP3 upgrade done they kept the service centre open for 1hr after official closing time so to ensure work could finish on my car that day.

Tesla's hard line towards crashed/written off cars has always been consistent. In effect they don't want to touch them with a barge pole. Its no different to how Apple or Samsung would treat you if you rooted your phone/did a screen replacement your self than tried to get warranty work done......I've tried it with both a rooted S7 and MacBookPro which I fiddled with, 'computer says no', please buy a brand new 'official' device or get out of the shop you cheapskate, was essentially the message :).

Is the hard line on refusal to work on non officially repaired cars good for consumer prices?? Certainly not, but unless legal legislation is changed to force manufacturer to support these vehicles things will not change.

A unsupported Tesla that's 'off grid' is like a Huawei phone.....not quite useless but for most consumers not a good choice.
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Feb 10, 2018
Hi - my problem with the P100 is that an unsolicited intervention in the form of an over the air software update has effectively prevented me from using the car, it was working when I bought it, it was working for over a year until this software update.
I did not ask for the update and could not prevent it's automatic installation - no one can, having caused the problem I don't think it unreasonable for Tesla to correct it .
The X75 is not a crashed or written off car - it is still under warranty, did your MCU fail and they upgraded to MCU2/AP3 for free ? The MCUv1 failure is well documented and a recent class action by owners in USA has forced the revised warranty extension policy with owners previously forced to pay for MCU repairs being refunded. My X75 has such an MCUv1 failure and I don't think it unreasonable that this defective part be replaced under warranty.


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May 22, 2014
My X75 has such an MCUv1 failure and I don't think it unreasonable that this defective part be replaced under warranty.

The MCU1 failure is covered, and for 8 years now. Did you not get the email?

But you said Tesla refused to work on the car because of dents in the HV cable, why is there dents in the HV cable? Surely that didn't happen by it self?


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Feb 1, 2016
he MCUv1 failure is well documented and a recent class action by owners in USA has forced the revised warranty extension policy

I don't think that is true. I haven't seen any news of Tesla settling a related class action law suit. And no NHTSA didn't force the warranty extension either, they are still investigating the issue. Both of them may have influenced Tesla's action, but neither of them forced the policy change.
Dec 10, 2020
Thanks Jagman for your response
Great to hear you managed to rebuild the X
From your experience what’s it like day to day driving an “Unsupported” vehicle
I’ve just purchased a salvage Tesla and hope to start my project in the new year
How can I check if my vehicle has been blacklisted/ put on unsupported list - I intend to use the car for motorway journeys so supercharging ls vital


Nov 26, 2020
United Kingdom
Hi all
I am considering taking on a CAT S and wondering how you all got along, has anyone found a way to check if the car is blacklisted before buying?

It is going at auction so no way to speak to current owner, but I could arrange to inspect the car or ask them to check options. I can get the VIN of the car. Alternative does anyone know if there are jailbreakers in the UK that could help?

Thanks in advance for any help

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