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P85D in a car Accident Wreck pile up and aftermath.

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So I took video of what happend and did an explanation, I am a little loopy as I got hit hard and one of the vertebre in my neck is off as I did have myself checked out, I think I will be ok but was able to get some chiropractic care with in hours and that has helped.

be forwarned the classy guy who was responsable for this drops a lot of bad words in the video as I started recording just moments after it happened, of course this guy does not even check to see if others are ok he just rants about he just fixed the power steering. Never appologized, just an apathetic jerk. Everyone else in the accident, All us victems were delightful despite the situation.

Tesla P85D in Accident wreck pile up - YouTube

In this pile up the truck side swiped and totaled every car but the Tesla, I was the only one who was able to drive away with out a broken axel, or bent fram. the PT crusier had a wheel bent and side swipe. the Land Rover was side swiped and the front add on grill was bent half way off and riped the front up, the black sedan was side swiped and the Murono frame was bent so badly the pasanger doors would not open...the Tesla was the last in the row of dominos and took the least amount of damage but my neck took the blunt of it.
I got away with just paint and bumper scratches and a very uncomfortable day.

Calling the service center they can get a new bumper or aproved repair shop to replace no problem, calling the repair place they said they are so backed up they cant get too it till october...so It looks like after the insurance adjusters look at it I will cover the damage with a bumper sticker...but what sticker?

I am still blown away and feel lucky I got out with what looks like just a fender bender...the damage on the other cars will no doubt cause them to be totaled.

Several passer bys and even one of the cops that showed up and all expressed sadness, "oh no a tesla got hit too" was the comment I heard each time.
so It looks like after the insurance adjusters look at it I will cover the damage with a bumper sticker...but what sticker?

Good to hear you are fine. My question to the driver of the truck would be, did something happen to your brakes? If my power steering went out, I would probably stop the car as fast and safely as possible. I wouldn't keep going and hit as many cars as possible.
OP: Why did you make this video, and why did you post it here and on Youtube? Is it for legal/insurance purposes? Is it common in the US after you've been in any kind of incident, to take out your phone and start recording right away, as "evidence" (I'm assuming). Interesting phenomenon, if it turns out this is common behaviour? (I honestly don't know, that's why I'm asking).
I am sorry this happened to you and the others.
Question: I have worried for a along time that the Tesla headrests would not be as good in a crash as those in some other cars. They are somewhat narrow and the surface is convex rather than concave. I have wondered if the headrest might allow a person's head to slide sideways past the headrest and over-extend the neck, because the headrest is narrow.
So -- Do you think the accident caused your head to move forward, or back? If it came back, do you think the headrest caught your head adequately? I realize you may not be sure what exact motion your head experienced.
In any case, I hope your neck is better, soon.