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P85D Ludicrous Mode Decision

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A good friend of mine was having a conversation with a mutual friend who is in the process of ordering a Tesla. The friend has sold his big-deal Porsche Turbo and is repacing it with a Tesla. Below is how he presents the decision:

"I think your last e-mail said that the 0 to 60 time was 4.2 seconds. That is the time the original P85 was advertising with its single motor, so they must have derated the output with the two motor. Our MS is 362 HP I think and advertised 0 to 60 in 5.6 sec. If I were you, (even I would do it if I could talk Pat in to it) I’d order the fast one. 4.2 is nice, but under 3 seconds is a once in a lifetime blessing. Not much more money, I am 70, not looking forward to many thrills in the future, have always loved cars, (fast ones) and my older brother died at age 49. Seriously….. this life is not a dress rehearsal. Even if you only floor it for a few seconds once a month…… that is what I would do."

Rather well put.
I am 70. I bought a P85D, and have Ludicrous on order. It is ludicrous to do it, but I have always enjoyed ludicrous choices when I have been lucky enough to have the option. be honest, folks, there is no rational justification for many choices we make. No other material decision I have made has given me more pleasure than has this car.