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P85D w/ Ludicrous

2014 December Build Tesla Model S P85D w/ Ludicrous. Lincolnshire, IL

$78,000 obo

Vehicle is in excellent condition. As of 5/17/18 it has has 37,478 miles on the odometer. Bumper to bumper warranty valid until December 2018. Extended warranty can be purchased. Fully serviced by Tesla for annual maintenance. All invoices available upon request. Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires installed on all 4 rims by Tesla in Mid 2017. Vehicle features and aftermarket additions listed below. 90% range is 227 miles. Additional photos can be made available upon request.


– 85 kWh Performance Model S

– Tech Package with Autopilot

– Performance Dual Motor

– Subzero Weather Package (includes steering wheel heat)

– Blue Paint

– Black Next Generation Seats

– All Glass Panoramic Roof

– 21″ Grey Turbine Wheels (Staggered Rear Wheels)

– Black Performance Interior

– Dark Ash Décor (switch from Carbon fiber)

– Supercharger Enabled

– Carbon Fiber Spoiler

– Dual Chargers (80 amp charging)

– Tech Package: includes LED Daytime Running Lights, LED cornering lights, automatic keyless entry, lighted door handles, auto dimming heated side and rear view mirrors, power liftgate, memory seats, memory mirrors, and driver profile

– Smart Air Suspension

– Ultra High Fidelity Sound

– Rear Facing Seats

– Free Supercharging

– GPS Enabled Homelink

After purchase additions:

– BlackVue DR-650S Front & Rear facing dash camera installed with polarizer filters on both front and rear.

– OEM center console installed

– OEM LTE upgrade

– LUDICROUS enabled

– Llumar CTX ceramic 35% tint with 99% UV rejection applied to side and rear windows

– Llumar AIR clear film applied to windshield blocks 99% of UV and protects dash

– Xpel Ultimate FULL car wrap. Professionally done by Chicago Auto Pros. (Invoice included). Includes a wrap of the headlights, door handles. Wrap is around all edges.

– Opti Coat all of the xpel, Glass, leather, and fabric.

– STi-R plus custom installed radar detector (display hidden in rear view mirror. The install can be seen on the TMC forum here.
– ALP (Anti Laser Priority) front and rear laser shifters custom installed with led hidden in rear view mirror.

Alp invoice.jpg
IMG_8114 lic blurred.jpg
IMG_8120 lic removed.jpg
Almost ready to PM and fly up to get her. Why are you selling??? So tempting

I have been hounding Tesla to let me have the 100 battery pack but it looks like it isnt going to happen. I travel from Chicago to Paducah, KY and I have to make 2 stops getting there, while with the 100 I'd have to make 1 (It really only takes me 20 mins more). I honestly did not want to sell because this car is perfectly what I want except the battery. The laser jammer has saved my butt soooo many times. But the main factor... the wife approved me to get the 100 and sell the 85.
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I do not have a tesla yet but I want to have an electric car. That is why I have put down the $50,000 for the 2020 Roadster.

I am reading this thread and seeing that everyone think this is a good deal. Is it a good deal with only a 85kw battery with only 242 mile range on a full charge. Since the car is 2014, would the battery capacity be less now?

I am now driving a 2015 Lexus LS 460 Crafted Line. It is a good car with only about 17,000 miles on it. However, my friends that have Teslas suggest that I sell my Lexus to get a model S Tesla. So I am looking around for one with a good price and see it is worth it to sell my Lexus to get a model S.

In around 2020 or 2021, I would get my Roadster. So is it worth it for me to get this car with Ludicrous mode? I am afraid that I will not get AS GOOD of an experience of the fast acceleration of the Roadster coming from a Ludicrous car as coming from a slow (but comfortable) ICE Lexus LS460.

So, for those that are Tesla owners, if you are in my position, would you sell the Lexus LS460 to get this Ludicrous P85D and keeping in mind that the Roadster will be in possession in 2-3 years?
I also have the 2020 roadster on order. I still find a need for my model S. For one, traveling is free minus tire wear. My neighbor has a p85D and travels 25,000 miles a year and he's saving a bunch on gas. The Ludicrous mode is a lot of fun. My kids love it and I use it everyday!
As far as good deal, well I'm biased with this so others will need to chime in. I tried to price it with all the options and full body wrap and stuff to a reasonable price. The xpel wrap is very much worth it alone. The paint on Teslas are not that great and swirl marks always appear. With the full body wrap, no more swirl marks to worry about. I've also had to replace two peices of xpel as I got two good scuffs in it. No damage to paint or car. Replaced the xpel piece and new opticoat and good as new.
Fezzik, thanks for the input. Buying a used car always has its pros and cons.

The biggest dilemma for me is that my 2015 Lexus LS 460 Crafted Line is worth about $43,000 according to Kelly Blue Book. I have no problem with my Lexus. It is a Lexus quality car after all.
The 2014 P85D is around $78,000 (with all that nice goodies....radar detector and wrapping) so it is much more expensive than my Lexus currently. Of course the value of the P85D has greatly depreciated as well so both cars have really loss a lot of value.

But then I have to put in another $30,000+ to get P85D. So the final decision is that is it worth it to do the switch? Really tough decision.

Oh yeah, my V8 Lexus is a gas guzzler. Premium gas every weekly fill is pretty costly. I can afford expensive cars, but that does not mean that trying to save money is a bad thing.

By the way, for full disclosure to all those who are interested in your car Fezzik, how many times have you sent it to the dealership for repair...and what kind of repairs?
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I understand. You still have to make a tough decision!

When I first got the car. It had a wind noise in the small driver side window. (that was fixed).
I had clicking in the steering wheel and that was fixed in a service bulletin.
I had what I thought was an issue with the USB port. Turns out my USB drive was bad. They replaced the USB hub anyway. I found out when I could not read some of the songs on the usb drive and it could not write or delete files on it. (sandisk drive too)
Other than that I have not had any big issues with the car. No 12V issues, or drive issues. Its been an awesome car.
P85D with + suspension and Ludicrous Mode... Best Tesla EVER no contest...

seems like it is privately owned so someone could get the ESA and walk away with 4.5 years left and 100K in miles.. ($4K) And with CPOs now "as is" it seems this one might be in better shape... clearly taken care of.... JEALOUS!!!

What is "ESA" and what is "CPO"? Sorry I am not too familiar with such acronyms.

Oh, is the + suspension better than the non-plus suspension? What is the difference? Does it make the car ride more comfortable? I drive a Lexus LS so I am so used to comfortable ride LOL.

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