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P90d - any difference with launch mode? Tested & question answered - full review

Discussion in 'Model S' started by luvnMyTS, Dec 25, 2015.

  1. luvnMyTS

    luvnMyTS Member

    Jan 6, 2015
    Los Angeles, CA
    I got my 2.9.68 software update yesterday in my P90D (no ludicrous), so you just know that I had to go test out this new Launch Mode!!

    I certainly liked the concept and would have put money on it that it would yield better results. The good news, had I actually done so, I technically would have won!! Albeit, just barely!!!

    Did four back to back runs. Launch Mode, no launch mode, Launch Mode and no Launch Mode.

    1st run with LM = 2.97 0-60
    2nd run w/o LM = 2.99 0-60

    Launch mode wins round one by 2/100th's of a second

    3rd run with LM = 3.01 0-60
    4th run w/o LM = 3.01 0-60

    Second round is a tie, down to the 1/100th's of a second.

    No tire slippage on any of the runs.

    Personally, it felt quicker without launch mode. Giving a harder launch. Likely from not having it spooled up, which results in a smoother, less shocking take off. The shock factor without LM gives the feeling that it's launching harder.

    The runs were with Max Battery "ready". State of Charge at 98%.

    Runs confirmed with VBox timer and further verified with stopwatch on the my phone next to the speedo and with video timer. Was able to use video editing software to determine the exact 1/100th's of a second the car moved and hit 60 MPH to make sure the times on the stop watch and the video timer all matched up to VBox. All were within 2/100th's of a second.

    I have learned that if you plan on launching, you really need to make sure to turn off "creep mode". Have found on multiple occasions where it launches in what feels like "sport mode". I'm guessing it has something to do with the brake maybe not registering as being fully disengaged when you release the brake and nail the accelerator at the same time. Was hit and miss. When I turned it off, it launched in Insane mode every time. Of course my foot was not on the brake pedal before stabbing the accelerator when creep mode is off.

    Not sure this answers the other question I've had and that's whether a P90D "Insane Mode" would be quicker than a P85D "Insane Mode". Tesla originally stated 3.2 0-60 with 1 foot rollout for a P85D. Now the website says 3.1, again with 1 foot rollout. 1 foot rollout has been tested multiple times and results in a reduction of 0-60 times by anywhere from one tenth to three tenths. Meaning, if they did not use this "Motor Trend" testing tactic, the real world numbers might be anywhere from 3.2 to 3.5. Based on all of the data I've found online, seems like most have real world tested it at 3.2-3.5 as well.

    Difficult to tell, since testing conditions are not absolutely duplicated, although with electric cars, that has a far less impact, but there could still be subtle differences from one person's test one day in one location to another person's test another day in another location.

    Either way, have to say I was very pleasantly surprised to see my car break the 3.0 second barrier without Ludicrous Mode. Four consecutive runs, all within 5/100th's of a second of each other. All four runs were immediately back to back, all taking place within 90 seconds from the start of the first run to the finish of the last run.

    My thinking is that, the extra battery power might still contribute additional power under acceleration. Being that Tesla has stated a P85D upgraded to Ludicrous will not be as quick as a factory P90DL, that tells me the battery alone does make a difference. I believe Tesla states the P85DL is 2/10th's slower than the P90DL. So, if that applies to Insane Mode as well, then my 2.97 0-60 makes sense. Would be roughly a 3.2 for a P85D Insane Mode car, which I believe I've seen real world results around that posted.

    Again, without a direct comparison between the two under the exact same conditions, it's tough to say with absolute certainty. But do feel fairly confident based on my results and Tesla's own statement that the P90DL is still going to be quicker than the P85DL. That means the battery alone does help and thus makes sense it would apply either way. Just my opinion.

    On a side note, was also pleasantly surprised to see my range charge up to 269 rated miles. Tesla states 253 for a P85D plus "about" 6% for the 90 kWh range upgrade. 16 miles calculates to a 6.3% increase in range, spot on. I've been a critic of Tesla overstating things, but will give credit when it's due as well. In this case, 0-60 is spot on, if not better than expected and range estimate is spot on as well. Thank you Tesla!
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  2. commasign


    Aug 31, 2013
    Davis, CA
    Thanks for the review. For those that like creep mode, you can use brake hold for non-launch-mode launches rather than having to disable creep mode.
  3. bhzmark

    bhzmark Active Member

    Jul 21, 2013
    This early information remains true and confirmed by others that launch mode provides no acceleration benefit.

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