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PA Inspection

Yeh, sorry, too far out of my area. Friend of mine owns a shop down in Newtown Square and he knows the cars and knows they aren't inspected when new. He would do it with a quick once-over for you. No reason to put it on a lift or remove wheels. . . If you get stuck, let me know and I'll PM his info over.
I live in Central PA, Lewisburg. I just picked up my 2015 Tesla in May. I had the local Toyota Dealership inspect it for me. I also own a 2012 Toyota Prius & my Grandson is my mechanic. We have owned a Toyota Prius since 2006, so I trust them with my mechanical work.
Sorry for the dumb question but why does PA need to inspect an EV? What are they inspecting?
Just a rule - even brand new off the lot, car must go through “safety” (and in the case of ICE, emissions) inspection annually. Most dealerships take care of this for you, but Tesla isn’t set up to do it in PA because if they were, they’d have to accept ALL cars for inspection (like the guy who took his Tesla to Toyota) and they obviously don’t feel like opening themselves up to that.

So to sum: car needs to get inspected and you need to buy your wine from a state store and beer from a beer distributor. God bless the commonwealth.
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