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Paint damaged at Tesla but they are refusing to fix

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I bought a Model 3 around 2 months ago. It has been in shop 80% of the time. After getting my door repaired I noticed some major scratches under the door. However, Tesla Burlingame was unwilling to repair it since they repainted the door before. I talked with another service center and they said it should be repaired but they cannot help since it was caused by another service center. What would you guys do in a situation like this? I am personally existed trying to resolve all these Model 3 Issues.

I attached the terrible touch-up paint job they applied onto the car. =[


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It appear the scratches are noticeable in the picture, but are on the bottom inside of the door, and other than you, no one's going to notice. I know that doesn't help much cause you know they are there and paid for a defect free car. You could push the issue, or perhaps see if they can be buffed out by a detailer.

I don't think Tesla's response is adequate, or their customer service is adequate, but from what I've heard, things with body and finish repair go from bad to worse, as often as they are successful. Best of Luck what ever path you pursue.
Do you know if the SC used the Tesla Paint Repair Kit from the Tesla Shop ? If so, maybe they didn't use the blending solution to remove the excess paint ?? Sorry this is happening to you and your 3 ..........
I am not even sure what touch kit they used. But most likely the Tesla kit but they just did a half ass job where some parts are covered and some are not.

I'll post a better picture tomorrow when there is sunlight.
Looks like 6 fingernail sized blobs on the bottom inside of the door, an area that you can't see. They should have used Dr colorchip, it would have blended better. A little buffing may make it look better.

Hard to make the SC do more, I'd just write it off as a bad experience and vow not to go to that SC again.
Sunroof cracked while fixing door alignment. Paint damages on passenger door. Loose screw in the passenger door. Damaged passenger window while repairing the passenger door. Huge scratch after bringing my car to the service center. Cracked leather steering wheel.

Sounds like you use my service center. Every visit just brings more damage unfortunately...

If you can provide us better pictures in the light, that might help us understand the level of damage you are dealing with exactly.

Regardless, if they caused the damage, you are well within your rights to ask for them to repair it. If they decline, I would send a certified letter with dates and times of your prior communications and ask for the damage to be repaired or them to respond with their intent to repair the damage by x date. If they respond, great, if not and it really matters to you, I would just either file a consumer complaint with your AG or file an arbitration case (Tesla pays the fees on the arb case) and reference your certified letter where you asked for the damage they caused to be repaired... They will more than likely magically want to fix it if you please call off the dogs... Unfortunately sometimes this is the avenue Tesla forces you to take.
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It wouldn't bother me much at that location.

If they apologized profusely and provided some very nominal consideration I'd let it go. If they were a pain in the backside about it I'd probably push it.

This was the Burlingame service center in the bay area. The service manager had a smirk on his face and said "we painted that door before so we will not paint it again. Your problem."
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