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Paint: Multi-coat Red

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So I finalized my order last week, happy with my black-on-black-with-CF and silver wheels choice, but the very next day, my colleague tells me that he called Tesla and they told him that the 2013 red (he said the rep didn't call it sunset red but something else like fire red) was on track for March or April. My current car is set for February or March, so I could probably live with another month.

So, any of you have any additional word on the 2013 red? Any pictures? My colleague sent me one but the lighting was odd. I'd like to spend the weekend second guessing myself and trying to decide on whether I should switch to red-on-black-with-CF and maybe grey wheels (but probably still silver). Can any of you help me with my obsession? I'd appreciate it.
models rood1.jpg

I want the red also!
There are some helpful pictures on Tesla's Facebook page from Sep. 13th. http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151165962297801.473198.18790602800&type=1 I've seen it at an event and it is a good color. Just depends whether or not you want flash. Black is classic (and will show dirt more readily). The red is very exuberant.

Thanks for the pointer. I've seen those pictures before but without the red. Interesting to see red next to signature red. I think you've captured it with "exuberant". Hm. I'm not sure I'm that exuberant a kind of guy. Signature would be more my shade of red if I went that way, I think.

I'll also say that I was a little surprised at how it looks with the pano. Looks a little... off. Am I the only one who thinks that looks strange?
Drove the Sunset Red non-performance at the NJ Get Amped event. It had a black roof but no pano. The color could use a little tweaking (and, yes, was very similar to the Audi red which I have on an A4). I've deferred my order until the red is available but haven't heard anything different than what others are saying on this thread (at least directly from Tesla). While I typically like blue or green, they just looked too black to me unless in bright sunlight ... and even then it was too subtle. Here it is in a "real-life" situation with shadows and reflections.

NJ Model S.jpg
I was at the Tesla Fashion Island store a couple of months back and they have the 'new' red in the showroom. Took lots of pics but don't have them with me right now. My reservation is in the P46xx sequence, but currently planning on holding off until the red is available. My customer service rep thinks that Tesla may open the system up for 'red' reservations in early 2013, although shipments would not be before 'spring'. Hard to wait that long just to get the color I want, but it will be that color every time I see the car for the next several years, and 6 months after I get the car I won't remember how long I waited...
(P: 14291) Finalized
Model S performance , 85 kWh, multi-coat red, Gray 21", pano, tech, studio sound, air, black Napa leather/alcantara with red piping,, Carbon fiber, rear spoiler, twin charger, Paint armor, HPWC. estimated delivery April-May 2013.
is this correct? it seems there are a lot of multi coat red ordered before me.
Any ideas what's a realistic delivery window?