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Paint Quality -- Progress ... or Regress?


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Jul 9, 2015
Sherman Oaks, CA
A disturbing data point to share here. (And, for calibration purposes, I'm a fervent Tesla and Model 3 fan.)

Here in the San Fernando Valley (LA area, CA), we're lucky to have a premier PPF and coatings wizard, Anthony Alvarado. He's corrected and coated our 2015 Model S, our 2017 Model 3, and now our 2018 Model P3D.

His comment when he first walked the paint job on the '18: "Rough. Not any huge problems, but definitely not as good as your wife's Model 3." And, hers was VIN #2270, last December. (Both are red.)

When I took delivery, I spotted a couple of defects on the hood and fender. Not bad enough to refuse delivery. Not even bad enough to take the (excellent) Van Nuys Service Center up on their offer to have (the equally excellent) local Tesla body shop, Avio, re-do the paint job.

Instead, I just let the Delivery Center (MDR) detailers do their thing. Perhaps a mistake. Anthony could definitely see signs of their not-great work, signs that I'd missed.

None of this is a problem for me. The car looked acceptable. And, now that Anthony has worked his magic, it looks fine.

As a Tesla believer, though, I'm sad to hear a professional opinion that VIN #73340 does not match up to the paint job standard of #2270. That's a step in the wrong direction.

Perhaps concerns about open-air general assembly line #4 have some merit? (Although, isn't GA after paint shop?)

In any case, thought I'd better share this data point with the group. No opinion rendered or judgment made. Merely one more pixel in the picture ...
I have seen 5 other 3's higher VIN's. Most significantly higher. Didn't really fine tooth comb them. My only experience is here reading about the issues. It would be interesting to look at the number of people who have issues compared to the amount of 3's on the road. I would guess it would be a smaller percentage.

Maybe because no one usually goes on and on about how great Tesla paint is. They only post if they have issues. Which they should post by the way. That is what this place is for. Sharing information and such.

I just wonder how much the process has changed from the super early VIN's with low per week output. Remember reading about paint shop being bogged down. Wonder what bogs down a paint shop. I mean I always see in the BMW youtube's some guy in a white suit going over little areas with a micro thingamijgger. Then off to next paint. I could say if they have to many spots to fix that could be a bog full of cranberries.:cool:

My paint at #2201 was flawless which I was not expecting. Our S was not as good as our 3 is today.