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Painting Wheels, what to do with Sensor Color?

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For those that have changed wheel color (silver to black for example), what did you do about the tire pressure sensors? I'm bringing in my silver wheels to powder coat to satin black but just noticed that the sensors are silver. Did your wheel shop paint those too? Did you paint them yourself? Thoughts?
I believe you can just swap it out for black, or possibly just paint them yourself. Most any tire shop has rebuild kits for the sensors where they change the seals (assuming ours can be rebuilt, not sure all can be now days), they could swap it for black at that point.
Thanks for the suggestions.
The wheel shop didn't have any suggestions so it looks like I will have to paint them myself after I get the wheels back unless I can figure out what sensors I have and if I can get different seals in a couple days as suggested above.
I simply swapped out the silver nuts for black ones during the re-installation. Buy them from your local SC, cost me $16+tax.

tpms nuts.jpg
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