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pano has difficulty getting past vent position

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Jun 13, 2014
After washing the car (by hand) and letting it sit overnight... next morning opening the pano roof won't go past "vent" position, doesn't even completely do the vent pop-up.. just a half-hearted semi-popped position. There she stops. Multi-tries on the UI control panel just give an error tone and the slider goes back to "vent". It will close if I move slider to close position. And trying an open again still won't open any wider than a half-vent. Until, I push the pano roof up with a finger to fully pop it up in the vent position. Then I can dial in any % opening, and it will. From then on, will close, vent, and % open to anything I want. Just the initial use is sticky on vent. I've only ever noticed this after washing the car.

pano vent only - YouTube

It could be something as simple as lube... dunno. Got the call in and we'll see.

I also have the rubber o-cord gasket seal detaching at the pano roof, inside the car. Getting a new one of those too.