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Parking at DIA (Denver International Airport)

I've seen parking in the garage at DIA with chargers on the west side, ground level. Teslas are often parked there, in fact.

Does anyone know if you get economy rates for EVs? Or you pay full garage rates? Or is VIP required to get charging spots?
Canopy parking has EV parking. You can get 15% off by joining their club (free), or being an Express Toll member. Or if you link your Express Toll transponder to their club, you get 25% off. They have several Level 2 Juice Bars in covered parking and in valet. Not sure about open air parking.
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I realize this is an old post, but DO NOT PARK YOUR TESLA AT A PARKING STATION AT DIA!!

Parked there for a week because I was having major dental surgery done in FL. CO is twice the price for surgery. Parked, everything was fine. Car was on the east side, charging station E3. Left it there Sat. On Wed, checked my car and someone had removed the charger and plugged their car in behind it in a different space. My car is allowed continuous charging as it is a correct parking space and the other is not. Called Airport security. They sent someone to check on it. My J1 adapter was still in my car charging input with the flip door open but obviously they found someone else had taken that cable out and put it in their car. The person in security said there was nothing they could do about it and that sometimes people take the cable out not caring if it damages your car or not. I asked if they could fine them or tow the car or at least put the charging cable back in my car and they said no, there was nothing they could do about it.

This was the first time I had parked at DIA with a Tesla. I will not park there again. I would suggest you don’t either.