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Parking at TMC Connect 2015

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What is our parking situation like at TMC Connect 2015? Is there a designated parking lot at the convention center? Is it paid/validated? See you all there!

- K

This is from the Hyatt parking page:

Santa Clara Convention Center Parking
Hyatt Regency offers convenient Santa Clara Convention Center parking right at the hotel. Connected to the Santa Clara Convention Center, we offer valet parking or complimentary self parking near Levi’s® Stadium and San Jose Airport.

  • Valet Parking - $20.00 per day. Valet parking prices on special event days may vary.

  • Self-Parking - Overnight guests enjoy complimentary parking for 1 vehicle during their stay. Parking is provided in front of the hotel and behind in the adjacent parking structure.
From the convention center page:
You can find the Convention Center Parking Garage by exiting at the Hyatt Regency's 2nd driveway at Bunker Hill Rd.
General parking for the convention center is in the parking garage behind the hotel and convention center. Enter from Great America Parkway. There is a pedestrian bridge from the top floor of the garage into the convention center.

For Teslas and charging Doug may have additional instructions.

Even though I'm actually not going this year (other fabulous plans - sorry)

I have been to this convention center a gazillion times.

Free parking is behind the hotel but a bit tricky to get to.

Enter in at Bunker Hill lane at the light along Great America Parkway. That will take you back to the garage. Otherwise you can loop and be delayed in the other areas. Go to the top level as it is easiest to get to the convention center that way.

If the convention center is busy and has another event, there will be overflow parking at the new stadium lot East along Tasman after the river. Although it seems far away it is not far from the entrance to the convention center.

Google Maps

Our event is in the Mission City Ballroom (MSB), which is that squarish block on the southwest end of the complex. That parking lot just outside the MSB (on the corner of Great America Pkwy and Tasman Dr) is for Hyatt guest only. You have to use your room key (I believe) to open a lift gate to enter and exit. Everyone staying at the Hyatt should try to park there some we can fill it with mostly Teslas. I tried to get exclusive use but the cost was exorbitant.

Just outside the south corner of the MSB is a row of parking spots which will be reserved for us. We can use a few for those local Roadsters. Some will be used for out main speakers.

Near the center of the image is a huge and free multilevel parking structure. They have some Level 2 as well as Chademo charging. Though I suggest you use the Fremont or Mountain View Superchargers on your way in. Parking there will probably get nuts later in the day because of the "No Direction" concert happening Saturday night.

Here's a note I got from facilities:
Just a quick reminder for this weekend. Saturday night we have the big “One Direction” Concert at the Stadium across the street. We will be shuttling all day until 7pm to our Marvel lot (overflow) once our lot fills up. The tasman street will be closed from 9am on. We recommend letting guests know not to park in the Tasman Garage on Saturday. Guests should proceed to the normal structure off the bunker hill entrance and our staff will direct from there. Let me know if you have any questions.

I suggest you arrive early on Saturday to be parked before the concert traffic starts. When we leave for the party at HQ traffic may be a bit of a challenge but will fortunately be in the opposite direction. At Tesla HQ you can just park in the lot, there will be valet for those that want charging.
Is there any way to arrange a bus to and from the party on Saturday night? The Hyatt check-in manager tells me that taxis are not allowed (!) at the hotel entrance on stadium concert nights and a guest must call them and arrange a pickup point, which struck me as odd.

The concert traffic and parking on the return sound like a hassle I'd prefer to avoid.
Just got this email excerpt from the hotel. I think we will need to get creative on how to avoid getting frustrated with boy-band traffic, as the hotel calls out the exact times we would be leaving and returning as the times to avoid travel to and from the hotel.

Please be aware, that due to the concert, Tasman Drive will be closed beginning July 11[SUP]th [/SUP]at 2am through Sunday, July 12[SUP]th[/SUP], at 2am. Please expect heavy delays coming to the Hotel due to road closures and heavy concert traffic. Peak delay times will be between 4pm-7pm and 10pm-12am, we encourage everyone to avoid travel to and from the hotel during these hours.
Can we arrange to reserve a large block of Valet spaces in a surface lot? Perhaps on hotel property along the Great American Parkway, or maybe across the street on the other side of The great American Parkway in the corporate ot of CPO? A surface lot lets us avoid the craziness in the large structure, and Turning north on Great American will take us away from concert traffic and toward the party via Southbay Freeway.

I usually like to avoid the cost and hassles/risk of Valet parking, but this seems like an exception. And maybe we can just use the Valet to arrange for the space, and let us self-park for the day. There should be enough of us to make it profitable for the Valet service to arrange it.