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Parking sensor going haywire - anybody else have the same problem?

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I've been having front parking sensors going off at slow speeds when there are no objects nearby. It seems to happen when its hot (CA hot - 90f or so) after being parked. It's kind of embarrassing when guests are in the vehicle. A visit to SC updated the latest firmware, but the problem persists. SC was starting to blame the dashcam connected to CAN, but I've been having this problem since day 2 of the delivery when nothing was on the vehicle.
Anybody else had similar problem? If so, how did you get them resolved?

My front sensors would go off when I had snow build up on the front bumper. I am guessing you don't have that problem in CA!
Do you notice it with one particular sensor or is it random which one may go off.
Wonder if one of the sensors is not aligned properly.
I have this same issue.

Rear sensors would go on/off while cruising on highways with no cars nearby. Sometime sensor would NOT go off when car is in blind spot.

left front sensor would occasionally go on when car is stationary waiting for a left turn.

While our Porsche would also have false positive on highways during hot days, it's a lot more consistent than MS's sensors.
On my 70D the left sensor would occasionally go on while waiting for a left turn, and the SC replaced it. I haven't had any issues with it since then.

What I have had since then (or maybe even from the beginning) was the blindspot monitoring disabled message occasionally. Last time was in a sudden down pour, but I've had it even when completely dry out. The speed was 70MPH so it wasn't speed related.