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Parking sensor problem; tells me to stop

I have Model S 2019, Just got the update soft and hardware with FSD / HW3.0
But still 1 problem remains; the parking sensor on the front tells me to stop, when there's no object in front of the car.
What to do?




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It is difficult to tell with the photo you sent, but it looks to me if the curved curb in front of your car is within 1 foot of the left front bumper. It is warning you that there is an obstacle in front of your car, the curb. The curb the sensor sees is not to the side of the car, but is in front, thus the alarm. .
Is this second image while parking also? Looks like one of the front ultrasonic sensors is detecting something. See if you can determine which one by having a person test each sensor. In the past, this has also been caused by a software issue that was resolved in the next update. I have read where the sensors had rain, ice, or were otherwise obstructed causing this error. You can clean and apply something like RainX Complete Surface Protectant (don't use regular RainX on paint) to keep stuff from adhering to the sensors, including rain drops and ice. By the way, I use rain repellant on all camera lenses and the radar behind (center left) of front bumper. I was suprised that the mobile service guy said all lenses and coverings for the cameras were glass and not plastic, like most camera lenses on vehicles, so you can use regular RainX products to treat them. The "B" pillar covering is glass -- amazing.