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Parking sensor visualizations have changed in 2019.32.12.2?

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Hinge Fanatic
Apr 20, 2019
Seattle, WA
Prior to this latest version 2019.32.12.2 (by which I do literally mean 2019.32.12.1 and earlier), I'd get a much more accurate parking graphic as to what the parking sensors see.

First picture of the visualization is from a few months ago. Second picture is from today - both at exactly 2 inches from my garage wall. I really liked how close the red line used to get as it was a more accurate representation of what 2 inches from a wall looks like! I wonder why Tesla changed this?
People have posted they changed with v10. I’d park the car where you need to park (carefully). And then see what the ultrasonics look like. I believe the lines tell you you are further away than before (ick) but test to be sure. Maybe use someone else to be sure you are in the right place the first time!

Personally, in my garage, I use physical location to be sure where I am (we have a very tight garage for two Teslas). We use wheel stops to be exactly sure where we are to allow space in front and room for the garage doors to close. (Wheel stops are good because they show front and back and sideward alignment also.)