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Passenger Visor Broken, now no radio or sat reception, Model X

My son managed to take the passenger sun visor and somehow snap it (moved it the wrong way). Now the FM and sat radios have no reception. LTE and therefore internet radio both working fine. Looking at the wires, all I see is the wires to power the vanity mirror, but does anyone know how these two things would be related? Is the radio/sat antennae in the visor?? I have an appt for the service center in 2 weeks anyway to go over a bunch of other little early adopter things. Guess I'll be able to let everyone know the cost of a new passenger visor for what it's worth. Any tips? A computer reset didn't change anything.
I doubt they would put the FM/sat antenna in the visor, that would be really weird ... but it's possible the wires for the visor ran in the same conduit at some point as the antenna and were zip tied together? When he broke the visor, he probably pulled on the wires for the vanity mirror, and that may have dislodged some other wires down the line. They'll figure it out at the SC.