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Passenger Wiper not working

We just got a modest snow (with more to come) and my passenger wiper won't work.

It looks like the nut is turning but I don't know the proper resting position to tighten it and try to get it working again.
Mobile service can't give me an appointment until next week, I'm at work and we're due to get a bunch of snow this afternoon.

If I do roadside, I feel like I'll be out a vehicle as they've not been doing loaners at my SC.

Any suggestions?
watching with interest. I experienced my wipers freezing in the parked position due to a very light snowfall. Had to pull over into a gas station and get out and manually break them loose with a little help from my icescraper. hope I didn't damage the rubber. My bigger concern is what happen to the wiper drive system when the blades are stuck. I hope telsa has a fail-safe (or at least not broken). woudl be best to have the system detect a stalled motor. a bad 'solution' would be a part breaking...
Just back in from checking it out. It seems the wiper is loose. I hand tightened it (hard) and it went up to service height.
Now the arm rubs against hood. Something is out of whack. Now I have that to fix later too.

Roadside assistance would just be a tow, right?