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Paying for Supercharger

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After picking up my car on Thursday I stopped off twice at Superchargers to top up on my way home. Only afterwards I realised that, as my car is leased and I didn’t have to pay a deposit to Tesla, I have no payment method linked to my Tesla account. Nothing has been deducted from my 1000 free supercharger miles. I would have thought the first time I plugged in I’d be asked to provide a payment method, but as it stands I don’t know who is being billed. My lease company? :p
You can register a card on your My Tesla account, but at some point, in the past, when the whole switch from free-use to paid-for came up, Tesla said that anyone using Supercharger with no recorded means of paying would have that added to their next service bill.

Probably makes more sense to just add a payment card to My Tesla account; just in case car otherwise gets barred or somesuch.

do they have a swipe for credit cards?

Nope. Just plug-in and walk-away :)

(although before "walk-away" it is worth checking that the charging power ramps up as expected, once in a blue moon there is a fault on the Pump and it only gives lower-power, in which case it is worth moving to another stall. You can check that on your phone too, after "walk away")
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