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PBS NewsHour China: Power & Prosperity

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It's a multi-part series that's been airing recently as part of PBS NewsHour. I learned that it's 10 parts.

They're also up on YouTube via China: Power & Prosperity - YouTube and they so far range from 5.5 to 12 minutes long each. I've watched each of them and some are interesting. I have heard of their Belt and Road initiative numerous times on NPR, thru my dad and some other news sources.

Titles so far are:
- Taking stock of China’s growing power and prosperity
- China's massive Belt and Road initiative builds global infrastructure -- and influence
- How President Xi Jinping is transforming China at home and abroad
- Impact of U.S.-China trade war felt in both countries
- China is producing billionaires faster than any other nation
I posted this in another forum and in one of the China threads here.

was an 8.5 minute segment on EVs in China. They did mention that Shenzhen's the world's first city to rely only on electric buses. They said that city operates more electric buses than every city outside of China combined.

At 5:05 or so, they talk about BYD "greening" the city's taxi fleet.

They show this massive (LOTS of bays) charging area, presumably for taxis and the massive line. They said that almost all of the city's 22K cabs are electric. They talked to a taxi driver who said that he sometimes had to wait in line. A few months back, he waited an hour in line to charge and another 2 hours to charge.

After doing some Googling to see if I could find some pics, I found World's largest charging station in Shenzhen powers all-electric taxi fleet | The Driven. Not sure if it's the same area.
An electric taxi charging station in China’s hi-tech city of Shenzhen has reportedly become the largest EV charging station in the world, as a second phase of construction adding 172 fast chargers to total 637 fast chargers was completed this week.
Unclear if they really are "fast" chargers, say over 20 kW. In China, they use GB/T standards for AC and DC charging. From what I've seen, their DC ports look similar to CHAdeMO but isn't. Their AC inlet resembles Mennekes Type 2 but w/the wrong gender.