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Pearl White Need Paint Correction and Opticoat etc.?


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Jan 28, 2014
Chapel Hill NC
Getting my ducks in a row for December delivery of a pearl white 70D. What do current owners of pearl white cars think about the need for paint correction and protection? Did you have noticeable swirls at delivery? Would you suggest me telling the Raleigh SC not to wash the painted areas? Thank you.
IMHO, necessary paint correction on my Pearl White MC delivered not quite a month ago was minimal at best... Nothing a quick use of IronX, a clay job, followed by a quick bit of Menzerna 4500 couldn't accomplish in short order with my rotary the day after I brought my MS home. There we no swirls, and I don't think any significant attempt at a local polish job having been done to my ride -- but I also took delivery not 450 miles from the plant, and my MS wasn't on a truck except for a few hours to get to my SC. I let my SC do their thing to deliver my MS to me in the state they thought best (to hopefully impress me), and gave them no direction to not wash or wax it (like I always do after I take delivery). I'm sure others may have different opinions, but I'm a pretty picky guy when it comes to maintaining my rides... I was actually suprised how good the finish was on my MS... close or as good as what I've experienced with most of my new Lexus over the years (and their very fanatical ways with waterfall systems to reduce dust during paint, etc). My MS was definitely better than my special-ordered Pearl White 2014 MBZ SLK and its abismal color matching on steel vs bumpers/trim pieces, and way better than the atrocious orange peel on my former special-ordered dark blue metallic BMW 335i.

Protecting your finish is a whole other subject. Do a few searches here for a myriad of threads on various coatings and/or XPEL and similar products that many are fanatical about. Personally, I like maintaining my rides myself, and don't mind applying another layer of My favorite polish every few months, and my rides are all housed in my garage except for the few times I'm on a road trip for an extended period -- so I do not apply coatings to protect my paint or reduce how often I may need to put on another layer of polish that gradually gets eaten away by the elements. While I've tried XPEL on 2 former rides by who I thought were reputable and recommended installers from others on enthusiast forums like TMC, I'm not putting it on my MS for a number of reasons. IMHO, if you decide you might, be sure you closely look at another Pearl white metallic finish using the same film and hopefully done by the same installer you are considering, and ensure you are OK with the clarity, the look at places where the material can be stretched by less-experienced installers, and such both with AND without the film applied in different types of light. I hate rock chips, but with my previous film experiences, and where I drive and park most of the time, I take my chances with not applying film any more. Again, I may be in the minority opposed to the many enthusiasts here with coatings and film protectants, but that's at least my approach FWIW since you asked.

Enjoy that new MS!!!