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People that throw their cigarettes out the car on a highway

Slightly different, but it is also (nice:eek:) getting some hot butt when you are riding a motorcycle. Did i just say that?:oops: OK, another related situation is getting wet while riding a motorcycle...o_O Why? Because the car in front of you is washing its windshield and you get spritzed too. Been there.:rolleyes: Some people just don't think or have consideration.
Slightly different, but years ago BT (before Tesla), I was at a gas station [shudders at the thought], and was walking in when a guy walked out with a new pack of cigarettes, stopped outside the door, took off the cellophane and dropped it on the ground...STANDING RIGHT NEXT TO THE TRASH CAN!!!
I walked up to him, picked up the trash and said, "don't worry, I got it" - and put it in the trash right next to him. Sadly, he didn't say anything...I imagine it didn't even register. Some people are scumbags.
Is "harvested for their organs" too harsh? Just asking...

I like it!

Here is a view of part of my hood at low tide this afternoon. The difference is about 5-6 feet from low tide to high tide in the harbor proper. Note the white box adjacent the pointy end of the arrow.


Yep - a discarded and presumably empty pack of cigarettes.

It’s a shame the toxins don’t work more quickly upon those who discard their trash into what should be cleaner habitats.
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