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Performance versus LR with upgrades

I saw a similar post in M3 but wanted to get the MY crowd to weigh in. Debating between performance or a modified LR. Modifications would be UPP sport coils (lower 1.5”), Tsportline 20x10 TSV’s (same look as performance but more rubber and with all weather rubber), boost and possibly the UPP spoiler. I love the look/motor of performance but don’t love the 21’s for ride quality and would need to replace rubber for all weather...and hoping UPP sport coils will be more comfortable and equally sporty as performance stock suspension. Seems like the $10k difference can be spent to create a better overall Y for daily driving, no tracks in the future.
To be honest, you don’t need the MYP. The regular LR MY w/AC is PLENTY. The upgraded brakes on the MYP aren’t really even an upgrade other than the calipers being red and fixed to slightly larger rotors (6mm thicker). The rim/tire config you already addressed. Harsher ride for sure. Spend the extra $10k on FSD if you have extra money to blow.
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