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Personalized plate "MODEL X"

Personalized plate "MODEL X"

MODEL X personalized plate I have had for a while I am interested in selling it if anyone is interested. Its a Florida plate. "MODEL X" is what it says. Email me at [email protected]

List Date: 9/29/2015

For more info, click here to view the original listing: Personalized plate "MODEL X"
On Sale For: $25,025.00


Nice! Good luck, mine was $13.00
Nissan sure makes ugly cars, don't they? (We have a LEAF)

in your defense, they are pretty damned rare (the Plates) by necessity

would the Florida plate work in CA? or would I need a property in the state to go with the plate :tongue:

I think there may be like 1 plate per state or something? so not too rare - plenty left!

I'll sell this one for $500 to anyone looking. - Discover the Spirit!! X
lol - charge what you want but that is outrageous
FWIW: I do not believe that the OP could LEGALLY transfer the plate to another person, here in FLA I tried to transfer a personalized plate from a car registered in my wife's name to a car registered in my name, while it could be done it would have involved a process I didn't bother to initiate.