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PG&E and other CA utilities looking to 10X solar energy rates?

Hi al, I just noticed that the CPUC is taking proposals and comments for NEM 3.0 here in CA. This would establish new billing and net metering starting in 2022/2023.

Reading through the Utility proposal slides, it appears they want to completely gut Net Metering in California by:
  • Increase monthly interconnection fee to $20
  • Reduce net metering send to grid rates to 6 cents to 13 cents a kWh from current retail accrual rates (they would compensate us 4X less for net metering energy we give them)
  • Charge a “grid services fee” of (I think I’m reading this right) $11 per kW. So I think a 10kW (AC) solar array would be charged $110 a MONTH for this grid service fee
  • Default all NEM 1.0 / 2.0 participants into this NEM 3.0 (no grandfathering!)
Other groups, like the Sierra Club and Solar and Storage manufacturers association have competing proposal. I think we can all agree that the CA Utilities proposal shall not stand! Here are some ways to contact the CPUC and let them know your thoughts as a rate payer:

I think the direct comment form is here, but not totally sure. The CPUC website is really confusing: CPUC Proceeding Information
That’s true, but I only see a handful of comments at: CPUC Proceeding Information:::

Heres my comment:

As a rate payer that is trying to electrify our home and vehicles to reduce our carbon footprint, I strongly disagree with the recent structure of electricity tariffs as well as the NEM 3 proposals from the IOU and Public Advocate. Increasing electricity rates at an incredible growth of >10% per year, and now greatly devaluing solar rooftop energy will convince more homeowners to stick with their natural gas heating, gas cars, and gas appliances for decades to come. This has a massive public cost in terms of both GHG and safety that is not being accounted for in these discussions. I look forward to the CPUC instituting a rate structure that incentivizes every household to go electric, resilient, and carbon free. Means testing such a structure is understandable, but the goal should be 100% electrified and carbon free by 2050 or earlier.
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