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Philadelphia, PA - North 20th Street Supercharger - Garage Fee?

HI all,

I got a Model S recently and it has free supercharging (yay!). I am not near a supercharger, though. So I was happy when I had a downtown event and then could go by this supercharger location. They are in a garage next to Target (old Whole Foods location).

I took a ticket to get in and happily charged up. Kinda nice the chargers aren't somewhere that a regular cars park and will block. But to get out of the garage I had to pay the gate machine for parking. Bummer. Free supercharging but $5 to get in and out.

Saw a couple of other Teslas come and go while I was there. So for you Philly folk- am I missing something? What's your experience been? Do you pay for parking to get access to a supercharger? There was construction that closed one of the garage entrances, maybe it's a temporary snafu and that has something to do with it?

Yes, people pay to "park" there while they charge. Superchargers in pay lots is not a totally uncommon thing for superchargers located in the middle of big cities. E.g. All the superchargers in NYC are in pay lots. The ones in Manhattan even require you to to valet the car. There are others in San Diego, Los Angeles (+ valet only), San Francisco, Miami, Indianapolis, Seattle, etc.

If you want to know about people's experience, here's the existing thread about that Philly supercharger (link to page 3 of 8, where the location is first identified): Supercharger - Philadelphia, PA