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Phone Cables

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Easy question,

I have both an Iphone (work) and an Android Phone (personal). I want to order my USB cables, is it possible to get the tesla ones in the UK? Or am i better off going with the some from Amazon? If so, roughly how long should they be?
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Yes. £14 each probably plus shipping.

iPhone one will not work with a thick case - I have tech21 case. Not tried an android one.

Wouldn't want the Tesla ones to be any shorter, but obviously built for the car.

There is another thread with more detail.
I just bought the official ones by emailing the sales people. Came promptly. Cable length is perfect, and they work well with our phones - a Google Pixel 2 and Iphone 6. I imagine a thick phone case would get in the way but that would be the case with any wire.
And either much too short or much too long.

The Tesla one has a 31cm cable length excluding plugs. Personally I would prefer an extra cm for occasions when phone holder hinges up but in normal use a perfect length.

And Tesla one is “made for iPhone”