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Phone Speedometer

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Aug 20, 2006

I used this phone holder:
But had to modify it... Cut the left edge so the camera can see forward.

I tried a bunch of Speedometer and Dashcam apps, and currently like
"GPS Dash" & "CarCameraDVR"

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I do like your apps and solution and before I took delivery of my car I would have been very happy to see this. I may still try what you have done but after having driven the car for about 1300 miles I think I'm OK with the screen speedometer. Thanks for the idea however and I'm sure many will find what you have come up with great. This forum is a nice place to show these sort of solutions.
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They were usually very close. I am not so sure that the car is using GPS. It may have speed sensors taking direct readings so (for instance) it could continue to show speed in a tunnel.

Note, I stopped using the phone on dash and dashboard app. I would get too many distracting reflections in the windshield and I decided I was better off with an uncluttered dash with better visibility.