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Photos of the Drive Electric Week Event at LauderAle

Many thanks to Matt & Roger and the rest of the good folks at EVannex for organizing a great event at LauderAle this weekend! I managed to stitch together a decent panoramic photo of the event:


Here are some other photos:


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I managed to stitch together a decent panoramic photo of the event

Here's a link to the full-size image of the pano: https://goo.gl/photos/paGMwjF7L5HACYENA
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Out of curiosity, how many people do you think stopped in to learn about electric cars; i.e., people that didn't already have an electric car or ties to the industry?

Not very many, to be honest. The locale was a bit off the beaten path, in an industrial area close to the airport. I think the vast majority of the folks there were EV owners/industry participants.

This upcoming Saturday there's going to be another drive electric week event that is piggybacking off of the Night Owl Market Street Festival (just as they did last year). I participated in last year's event, and even though there was a deluge, it still managed to have a good turnout. At last year's event, there were a lot of non-EV owners that came by to check out the cars on display, and they came full of questions. It will definitely have a much different vibe than the event this past weekend.