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Pick up MYP tomorrow. Tips to avoid ANY rock chips etc on 170mi drive home?

I should have been picking up my MYP tomorrow at a place an hour away. Now to pick up tomorrow, I have to drive 3 hours away in Cleveland but still worth it as Saturday is my Friday which leaves me with it for three days! Otherwise I wouldn't pickup until Tuesday (My Monday) and I work a jacked up schedule so not a lot of time with it for a few days. Plus I'm impatient as all get out and been waiting three weeks already haha.

My plan all along was to install PPF from the rear doors forward the weekend I got it. I am absolutely freaking out about the drive home though. I don't want a single rock chip before I apply the PPF. I ordered Tesla mud flaps and will install them myself before leaving the dealer so should help a little with the rear fender area.

My wife will follow me home and we will avoid any construction areas etc. I will make sure to stay away from 18-wheelers and even plan to stay going slower in the slow lane which is unheard of for me. Any other tips?
Agreed on blue tape. I ran with that until I installed myppf. Did it on the mirrors too.


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Drive really, really slow! :) Yea, as if that is likely in your new Tesla!

You may want to PPF on the rear quarter panels. I get quite a bit of snow/ice/dirt on those plus on the back hatch collects dirt as well.
Heck the rear doors get a lot as well, but I do not have mud flaps.
It's like a freaking dirt magnet.
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For the trip from the Tesla Sales center to home maybe use some cardboard and duck tape to protect the back lower area of the rear doors. Definitely avoid driving behind any large trucks. Avoid dump trucks, trash trucks, trucks towing construction equipment (lots of loose mud and rocks on those) and semi trailers. Over the years all of the vehicle damage I have experienced while driving has been from gravel, rocks and sand while behind a truck.
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movers type film from home depot or lowes might be easier than thin strips of tape

All that said, My wifes Y has close to 4k miles on it now with zero PPF except for the hood. (nothing on bumper). And as of last week, zero paint chips anywhere.
So dont get excessivley paranoid
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I agree, I haven’t installed anything yet (it’s coming), with 1,300 miles driving city and freeway, and I check my rear doors almost daily and have yet to see a chip. Granted I am not in an area with snow or really bad weather (although there were a couple of bad rain storms in the past few weeks), but don’t get overly paranoid about it. That being said if you’re getting ppf installed and want the zero risk factor, the blue tape sounds like good idea.
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