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Picked up a Model 3 today at the Marina Del Ray Distribution Center

Vern Padgett

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Aug 17, 2006
Whittier, California
Everything about it was AWESOME!

We must have had 6 or 7 one-on-one Tesla employee interactions-- front desk clerk, then Robert, then Nate, then Alexander, then the new kid to show the features (his first day!), then more ... Every employee was absolutely wonderful.

The facility is a giant warehouse. It has maybe 100 sparkling-new Tesla's awaiting delivery in the main room. All three models.

I've wanted this car since around 2003, before Elon Musk, back when Martin Eberhard demonstrated the Roadster to Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.

I remember the write-up-- he would ask the passenger to turn the radio knob, then accelerator, and the acceleration was so fast that the passenger was never able to reach forward. All this in a parking lot!

But I didn't need a 100k$ 2-seater, and then years later, I didn't need a luxury sports sedan. I wanted my Blue Star.

I put my thousand dollars down on 31 March 2016, and while standing in the hours-long line, I saw a semi pull in, with 6 or 7 Model S's, wrapped in white paper, and I said to myself "I could buy one of those right now." Cash. So, a few weeks later, I did.

So-- I had this extra Model 3 reservation-- and today we took delivery and gave it to my daughter. I'll keep my Model S and trade it in on a Model 3 when I can have standard battery and AWD.

That's great! Like you, I bought a model S 3 years ago. Best car I've ever had. When the model 3 was announced, I was torn on to whether to buy or wait until the kinks and bugs were worked out. My wife convinced me
a few weeks later
to put the $1000 deposit down (she argued that the $7500 tax credit was too good to pass up) and we are scheduled to take delivery for our 16 year-old daughter Claire this Friday.
Wow how wonderful!!!
Maybe you will have a call from Joey, from Las Vegas Tesla. He's the one who called to say the car was ready at Marina Del Ray. That's the distribution point for all of Southern California.
I'm so torn about whether to trade in my S90D on a Model 3 when the standard battery and AWD are available-- are you thinking about that too?
P.S. Welcome Aboard!
Further thoughts about today--

Door handles-- It took me like one second to become used to the Model 3 door handles. First use. Intuitive. What is not to like about these door handles?

Room for storage in the Model 3. I walked away then came back to see one of the staff crawling from the folded-down rear seats OUT OF THE BACK of the Model 3. Wow. Nice work.

Tesla, you have great personnel.

I guess he was addressing my daughter's question about whether the car would have room to stow her snow board.

My daughter drove the car from Marina Del Ray to Long Beach, first time ever in a Tesla. So what did she say? She said it was so easy, so natural, such a good drive. I drove her Ford that she drove to the Tesla Center, back to her home for her. It was a 2013 or so Ford. I have driven tractors with hand throttles (when I was a boy, with my cousin, in Missouri, in the early 1960s) that had more responsive driver response than that car. Seriously.

How can anyone drive an ICE after a drive in any Tesla?

Seriously. Jeez. Elon has taken us into the 21st Century in automotive transport. Welcome to the new world.
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Hey glad the experience went well and you and your daughter (very cute BTW and great smile) were happy with the car. I remember your posts over the past year talking about letting her take the first production model and you waiting for the AWD. That's the version I decided to hold out for.

As for trading in a MS for a Model 3. We have a 2017 MS that we both really love driving/riding in and apart from it might be nice to have more range on occasion for longer trips (which we don't take often) I think we'd be hard pressed to trade ours in for a Model 3. Since we're a 2-car household, we'll eventually have one of each to switch off between so guessing best of both worlds. Just hit 1 year with our MS this month. No regrets going EV or becoming part of the Tesla family.
Great color choice! I'm taking delivery of mine the same color tomorrow at the same delivery center!

My daughter chose that color, not me.

I'm holding out for a Model 3 in standard battery with not premium interior, but AWD, and either midnight silver or BLACK. I'm looking for an EPA mpg(e) rating of maybe 140 to 150 --- what do you think?

Congrats to you on your pickup!

All the staff were absolutely great, even that tall young white kid who was on his first day. In response to my daughter asking whether her snow board would fit inside the car, not on a roof rack like on her old Ford (YUK!), he folded the rear seats forward and crawled through and out the back hatch!

Nice job, Tesla!

Really a wonderful experience. I wrote it up and sent it to Tesla Customer Stories, but no response so far. --- Vern