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Picking up MX next week. Pay for FSD now or wait?

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I am picking up a heavily discounted inventory MX next week and I am torn on whether or not to pay for FSD. This is not a 2.5 AP car, it was made by my estimation mid-2017. My thinking is to pay $3k which will probably force them to upgrade some hardware components once FSD comes out. Other times I think I should just safe my money :). What do you guys think?
The big question is how long are you going to keep the car. Are you going to keep it 5 or more years? In that case, if you finance it, include it in the financing and do not worry about paying out of pocket later. If the current computer is not enough, you will also get a free upgrade.

If you pay cash, then just pay later.

I financed my X and I’m going to keep it long term, so I included it there. If I were paying cash, I would have waited.
@Maximus-MX - good point! So far, whenever I get a new car I always think I'll keep it long term. In reality though, somehow I end up with a new car every few years :).

In that case, think really hard before paying for the FSD. I drove my last car before my X for 10 years. I’m planning to do the same with the X. That’s how I justified paying for FSD (+ the financing, of course :)).
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