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Pickup Experience - Fremont, CA - White/Aero/PUP/EAP

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Hi folks,

Just a quick writeup on the experience and the car. Configured 4/7, VIN 4/26, Delivery 5/3. VIN 149xx

  • Overall, build quality is what I expected. I was hoping for a bit better but it's obvious that there are some irregularities.
  • Panel gaps themselves were pretty good and even throughout the car.
  • Fuel door sticking out partially is there (doesn't bother me)
  • A-pillar / B-pillar are slightly different in their gaps
  • No messed up jack points, no dented hinges, headlights were flush at the top and both stick out about 2mm at the bottom. symmetrical both sides so it doesn't bother me.
  • Some of the common interior quibbles like the slightly splitting shifter plastic as well as a small bulge on the driver's side A pillar.
  • The most egregious one (and the one I regret not catching at the dark-as-hell delivery room) is a 2" area where it seems there is no clear coat or something. I'm not sure if a bird crapped on here and they just didn't clean it for a long time, but this kind of put a damper as I saw it in the garage after getting home. https://i.imgur.com/myxsMvs.jpg I have an appointment on Monday but I'm not sure what can be done about this.
  • The center in Fremont is nice. Coffee was good, child play area, a Model X and Model 3 to play around in.
  • We checked in, was almost nobody there. Waited 5 minutes and then someone came to tell us that they accidentally started a firmware update, that would take 15 minutes. Not a huge deal but at this point I was starting to regret bringing my toddler who was become an aggravated hungry beast.
  • After about 20 minutes, they came and got us, walked to the car, took photos. The walkthrough was pretty fast but I didn't mind, I already knew all the details. I did not really spend enough time looking at the car, and should have done so at this point. The angry kid did not help (heads up to other parents of young children). One oddity - they tried to have me engage autopilot and it didn't work, and they seemed to just shrug it off and assume it would work later. Not sure if this is something that even works while the car is brand new and stopped in the delivery center.
  • Paperwork was very quick, and almost enjoyable. Signed a few documents, and we were good to go.
  • Overall it was a nice experience but had some rough edges on handoff between staff. I can see how this model will struggle with mass deliveries so hoping they have some improvements in the mix.
  • Driven 50+ miles but I can't use any form of cruise control and I'm not seeing any lines/cars on the screen. Support says it is still calibrating, so I'm hoping that's true. When pressing down once, it says "Cruise not available" but I believe others have said there is a calibrating message, which i'm not getting. Double tap has no response.
  • Instant torque is crazy. First time driving a tesla, first time driving an EV, and it's awesome.
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How the heck would AP (meaning EAP) work on a stopped car, with no mileage? That makes no sense, and they should have known that.

Normal calibration is around 30 miles or so, can take longer. And it needs *LINES*. WTF? This is straight science fiction, expecting that to work. :D

Now, on it still not working after the 50 miles and no lines showing up, that's not normal at all.When the car has calibrated, it instantly (at that point) starts showing the lines (black ones) meaning, let's go, engage AP! I would wait until say 70 and then call Support (not the SC) and see if they can tell from the logs what's going on. Should be obvious from the car internally if all is well or not.