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Pictures of all Model 3 Colors options

We had a thread early on with the Model S that had all the colors available compiled in clear pictures. I found it very useful when I was putting my order in. I am been considering multiple colors in planning on my Model 3 order. It would be really helpful to me, and I am sure others in the same boat. Could everyone try and post only good quality pics of production Model 3s until we have all the colors and angles covered?


All Colors:
Solid Black
Red Multi-Coat
Midnight Silver Metallic
Deep Blue Metallic
Pearl White Multi-Coat
Silver Metallic
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Pearl White Model 3 with our 19" TST Wheels in Metallic Gray

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Obsidian black is available for $1,000 vs the stock solid black color. This is a color that MS had, so it's not a new color for Tesla, juts new for M3.

Also, there were changes in pricing for the multi-coat white and multi-coat red, which rose in price to $1,500 vs $1,000, previously. Not sure why they felt the need to suddenly raise the price on those given that they don't seem to be new, but I'm glad I got my red order in before the price hike.

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Here's my Deep Blue Metallic 2020 Model 3 Dual Motor Long Range on the upper Hudson River in NY. On the racks are our two Tsunami 145 kayaks that we are about to launch. At 50-60 mph I saw a real time average 245 Wh/mi during the 90 mi round trip so no noticeable hit on range with the kayaks up top.

I love my Tesla!