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Pictures of the 20 and 22 inch wheels

All the pictures on Teslamotors.com X subsite (as of a few minutes ago) are 22".

Going through the reveal event video in order of appearence; white 22", black towing airstream 20", sig red 22", founder #6 sig reg 22", #5 titanium 20", #4 white 22", #3 blue 22", #2 white 22", and Elon's #1 21" dark gray.
There seem to be more options in the works then have been officially announced. The iOS app has the following wheel options available for the Model X:
The iOS app is the vehicle status app that the Model S also uses. It's not for ordering.

The 19" wheels look like the same wheels as the Model S Cyclone wheels, and the 20" Helix wheels and 22" dark wheels were both seen on test mules but strangely absent from the Signature design studio. I had thought the 20" Helix wheels would be the base design, but with the inclusion of 19" wheels perhaps those will be.
Very cool. I thought they might have more available than was seen on the Founders deliveries. Glad to see they're adding a dark wheel too. This pretty much confirms (at least in my mind) that they'll be using the same bolt pattern and offset as the Model S. Should make some S owners happy to see there are some 20" options.